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Donald Trump Uses Emergency Powers To Sidestep Congress And Sell Weapons To Help Terrorists Commit Genocide

There is a horrible war in Yemen right now where thousands of people have died as the Saudi government continues with what many are calling a genocide. Now President Trump has used “emergency powers” to bypass Congress and sell weapons to the Saudis to help them continue the genocide according to a report: Donald Trump […]

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Kenya’s High Court Upholds Ban On Sodomite Behavior

Many foreigners have been attempting to force the nations of Africa to submit to Sodom. In a victory from the continent, the nation of Kenya’s High Court ruled in favor of the ban on sodomite activity: Kenya’s high court on Friday upheld a law banning gay sex, keeping same sex relations punishable by 14 years […]

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One Quarter Of All Credit Card Debt Now Goes To Pay Necessary Expenses

The next major debt crisis is in the making, as pay rates have stagnated, expenses continue to rise, and the job outlook slowly decreases. Based on the current economic an political situation, there is a high chance of a serious economic crisis in approximately five years from now. When such a crisis does happen at […]

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Documents Reveal Russian Plan To Sow Discord In US

One of the points I have discussed is the use of terrorism as a vehicle of US policy in her international relations by supporting various nationalist groups and arming them with weapons and formal military training. However, the US is not particularly unique in this. Such techniques were used by both the British and the […]

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Matteo Salvini

There Is A Huge Statement That Was Completely Overlooked In Matteo Salvini’s Recent Campaign Rally

Italian Lega Nord leader Matteo Salvini recently had a campaign rally, where many right-wing parties from Europe met and pledged their support to him, including Geert Wilders of Holland, the darling of the “counter-jihad” movement. At this rally, there was much talk of anti-immigration, “European values,” anti-Islam, and nationalism. Salvini ended his speech by declaring […]

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State Of California Advances Bill Demanding Catholic Priests Violate The Seal Of The Confessional Or Face Prosecution

The seal of the confessional is one of the most sacred seals in the Catholic Church, as the priest acts in persona Christi through which a person confesses his sins to God and receives absolution per the Sacraments instituted by Christ. Now a California bill (full text here) is threatening to accuse priests of “child […]

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Statue Beheaded And Coat-Of-Arms Cut Off Outside Of Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral In Canada

A statue outside of a Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral of St. Volodymyr was beheaded in Winnipeg and its coat of arms cut off according to a report: The leader of a Winnipeg cathedral says he’s hurt after a statue of a saint that was blessed by a Pope at his church was decapitated, and its staff […]

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77-Year-Old Nun Beheaded In Central African Republic

A 77-year-old nun who worked with the poor was found beheaded in Central Africa Republic near the borders of Cameroon and Congo according to a report: A 77-year-old French-Spanish nun who taught impoverished women and girls in volatile Central African Republic has been decapitated, local authorities said Wednesday. Sister Ines Nieves Sancho’s body was found […]

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Is Africa The Great Secret Behind Not Just France, But American, UK, and German Power?

European MP Bernard Connolly declared in 2009 that the nations of Europe were looking to use “global crises” to revive their position in the world: Connolly’s opposition to UK involvement in the EU dates back to 1997, where he warned that it would result in the creation of a European superstate with power concentrated in […]

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American Man Threatens To Behead Driver With A Knife, When The Police Come He Says ‘I Will Cut Out And Eat Your Eyeballs And Tongues’

An American man was arrested after he pulled out a knife and threatened to behead another driver during a parking dispute. When police arrived, the man threatened to behead the other officers and then to cut out their eyeballs and tongues and eat them according to a report: A Titusville man threatened six Melbourne police […]

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Something Stinks As Syrian President Asad Is Being Blamed For ‘Possibly’ Another Gas Attack

Certain phrases or accusations are historically used by various powers to indicate a manufactured justification for war. There were the infamous accusations leveled against Saddam Hussein that he “ripped babies out of incubators” and he “gassed the Kurds”, and later came the accusations of using “Yellowcake Uranium” from Nigeria. In the US war with Syria, […]

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Turkish Television Show Tricks Armenian Teenager Into Converting To Islam On Live TV

Throughout history, Muslims have attempted to “trick” Christians into saying works that indicate conversion to Islam in order to compel Christian on pain of death to be Muslim. The 8th century martyr St. Elias of Heliopolis was a child saint who was deceived into wearing an article of clothing that indicated conversion to Islam by […]

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Gallup Confirms That 40% Of Americans Want Socialism

Forty percent is not a majority, but it is a large percentage of anything. This is the same percentage of Americans who support socialism according to a recent poll by Gallup: Americans today are more closely divided than they were earlier in the last century when asked whether some form of socialism would be a […]

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Catholic Church Vandalized With Pro-Abortion Graffiti In Pennsylvania

Attacks against Churches in the US have increased with each year as the state of religion declines, secularism rises, and with it philosophies and believes aligned with paganism. One of these is the support of abortion, of which the Catholic Church has been the strongest voice in opposition to the practice. A Catholic Church in […]

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Trump Calls Iran The ‘Number One Provocateur’ And Then Says That Iran ‘Isn’t Doing Anything’

Presdient Trump responded to questions about Iran while on the campaign trail. He called Iran the ‘number one provocateur’ and said that he US would be ready to respond with ‘great force,’ but then said that Iran ‘isn’t doing anything’: As he continues to trade verbal jabs with Tehran, US President Donald Trump issued a […]

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