The Person Who Took Down The Texas Church Shooter Was A Former FBI Agent

The person who took down the Texas Church shooter has been revealed to be a former FBI agent.

The hero FBI agent who took down a gunman in a Texas church on Sunday after he opened fire on parishioners has been identified along with one of the two innocent people who died.

Jack Wilson, a 70-year-old former FBI agent who is now the head of the volunteer security team at West Freeway Church in Fort Worth, returned fire on the shooter and brought him down within six seconds of the horror beginning.

He is running for county commissioner in the local area and said he was grateful he had the chance to defend himself and the other innocent people in the church from the ‘evil’ gunman. The shooter and his motive are yet to be identified.

Two innocent people died including Anton ‘Tony’ Wallace, a registered nurse and deacon who had just given out communion when the shooting began. (source)

This story about the Church shooting keeps getting stranger.

I don’t want to say that this ‘former FBI agent’ did a bad thing in terms of saving lives, or that the agent was a bad person, or was inherently part of some nefarious incident. The person who took down the shooter was obviously a hero. What I can say is that something does not seem right about the occurrences which took place around church shooting, especially when it is placed into a larger context of recent and past history.

As I have stated before, I spend time reading lots of forums online. The infamous message board 4chan is one of those places.

Something that happens on 4chan often is what is called a “raid”. This is when a group of people, usually paid activists or even those from the government, flood the board with a constant series of the same message, usually stifle out normal discussion, and try to control a conversation by presenting messages that advocate and oppose, at the same time, a certain position in an attempt to control conversation about it.

This has happened many times. The Andrew Yang (“Yanggang”) political movement has done this, transsexuals pushing for “trans rights”, political commentators of both political inclinations, and the government herself.

I reported in June 2019 how the FBI was caught in their own dossiers, because of a lack of knowledge about how the 8chan message board works (since shut down and renamed to 8kun) that they exposed themselves as making posts supporting violence, then responding with more posts supporting violence to their own posts in the hope that people would respond with supporting violence so they could entrap people to justify their own political ends.

The FBI was openly attempting to entrap people on the board, and not only did nobody believe in them, but they entrapped and exposed themselves.

It was rather interesting, but it proved that there are many people in the “government” who while many may be good, there are also many whose purpose is only to manufacture crimes and really, attempt to lure easily influenced people to be recruited to engage in destructive acts so those in power can push their boots harder on the throats of the rest of society. It is really an act of contempt against the common man that is extremely psychopathic and evil.

Having notes this, in the past few weeks, there has been a significant increase in postings from people making extreme posts about gun control. It started with posts about how, to use the phrase, “It’s all over for 2A” and then noting a state. It started with posts of Virginia and of the Virginia flag, but then it moved onto Georgia, North Carolina, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, all with the same style- the similar title, similar language, and then a state flag picture. Also, there were threads coming up about “defending the second amendment” and people talking about “fighting back”.

Then, there was this shooting in Texas at a Church of all places. While the identity of the shooter has not been confirmed, at least one source says that it was a ‘white man with a fake beard and black curly hair’. He has since been identified and confirmed as Keith Thomas Kinnunen.

Likewise, there were also the series of attacks on Rabbis in the northeast.

Then this morning on 4chan, the following posts appeared. You can read them here and here, and then after you read them, look at this post here, which is the original 8chan post that the FBI was proven caught making to entrap people when they entrapped themselves in June 2019.

Take note in the first two posters of the Original poster (OP), which in the first is “mIZas1XG” and the second is “DpWyBSac”. Both are interesting, but the first one is more important as there is more information in it.

Both of them post many times, and while seeming to be “average” users of 4chan, are conducting themselves in an overly enthusiastic way with lots of “4chanisms” that seem just to be too many. For example:

-Immediately resorting to ((( ))) to describe Jews in the second post (first link) and continally doing this throughout the conversation.

-Claiming almost immediately that ‘I know what is happening’

-The constant use of “reddit spacing”, as most people on 4chan who are regular users do not put spaces between the lines when they write, and is a tendency of people used to posting on Reddit or who are not often on 4chan

-Making overly emotional claims in all capital letters and often using profanity (‘HOLY F*CK,’ ‘


-Constant references to “archiving” or “backing” up posts before usually one of a few consistently referenced groups (“kikes”/”(((they)))”, “niggers”, “(((Mossad)))”, or “FBI SHILLS”) supposedly “gets to it”

-Keeps talking about “sliding” or “saging” his own thread

-Then, the most interesting, which is revealing something about what actually seems to be intended but not in full. In the case of the 8Chan post, this was attempting to blame “Russian influence” in the Tarrant shootings while attempting to get people to carry out violence. In the current threads, it is interesting how in the first link, the OP says:

This means the Jews just want Texans to rethink their gun laws. If you can turn Texans onto believing guns need to be taken away its over the rest of the country will back up the argument. —> Gun control argument passes.

Watch the narrative the next few days to see if Texans come on the air saying they want guns taken away.

Of course this could just be the Democrat Jews getting revenge on the Republican Jews. Were just watching Jews hurt us for sport.(source)

What is this, some weird intelligence operation by the American “heroes” in government to polarize the left and the right over the issue of firearms, and possibly to get common people to intentionally attack Jews or Jewish targets so to try to use the violence generated to create social instability and bring about more government control?

If one reads through the threads and compares the 8Chan scandal with the current threads on 4chan, the patterns are almost identical, down to the very language used.

Now while it has not been definitively confirmed, it is very suspicious that what we are seeing right now has such a semblance to something that is a confirmed attempt at entrapping people.

This is just the threads. Right now we are still learning about the shooter, Keith Kinnunen. It is very interesting that he was taken down by and FBI agent, and especially with one shot at what appears to be a distance of at least twenty feet. This is not to say that such is impossible, but given how there has been so much talk about “guns” on the message boards, now this weird violence, and ties to the FBI immediately in stopping the violence, and that a very similar language employed by those who were trying to foment violence on 8chan is now appearing on 4chan in the context of these events is very suspicious.

People talk a lot about how Islam and Islamic terrorism is dangerous. This is certainly true. However, what is to be said when one’s own government, which has a long history of all kinds of highly immoral and questionable activity, has in the past encouraged terrorism and violence against her own people for political gain, and now said patterns, while not definitively proven, seem to be appearing again?

It is certainly something to think about. While it is good that lives were saved and what could have been much worse was stopped by a man of good will (regardless of his FBI ties or not), the fact is that the entire scenario raises many questions that one must ask because of the nature of the circumstances.

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