Names Top Ten Articles Of 2019

As 2019 comes to a close, we want to thank all of you, our readers, for your support and input.

There were many amazing stories this year, and as the next decade dawns, we expect many of the trends that we have written about to continue and intensify. These include themes such as war, the rise of nationalism around the world, developments in advanced computing and robotics, the general decline of morals, and the freezing of the world’s heart to the saving message of the Gospel, choosing things of the world rather than the things of God.

It is for this reason that we present to you are list of ten articles that we believe provide a firm encapsulation of major trends and themes for the year. There were so many topics that we covered that we could not mention them all, and so it was difficult to create this list. They are sorted by date, and so they do not represent any particular order of importance or necessity.


Awaiting for the kingdom of antichrist
January 24th, 2019

While many nationalist movements claim traditionalism and Christianity, those in positions of great power in these movements have a history of embracing occultism and the outright worship of demons to seek power. Ted goes inside the world of the Golden Dawn political movement of Greece and exposes how party leadership has openly been invoking demonic powers to bring about a revival of Greek nationhood with the hope of the destruction of Christianity and the open establishment of the kingdom of antichrist just as the Bible warned.


Mineral Wars
January 25th, 2019

The fight to build pipelines and railroad that lead to Europe as well as to discover and exploit new oil fields, especially in Africa, is a major trend for the future as reindustrialization continues. However, in order for many of the new machines and technologies to be produced, they need certain specific rare earth elements found only in certain minerals that are causing major conflicts between nations. In this article, Andrew explores a tiny island chain between Japan and Russia that contains centuries of these rare elements and provides explanations as to their uses and how they will affect robotics trends in the future


The King of Cocks and the Woman of Sin
April 10th, 2019

As the American political show for the 2020 presidential election continues with an expected Trump victory, evidenced by the persistent failure to put forth a serious candidate for the Democrat party, the question is what will the Democrat 2024 candidate look like, since a 2020 Trump victory almost guarantees a Democrat will take the White House in 2024. The candidate for the future will likely be radical a-la employing Trumpian language and tactics but from a ‘liberal’ point of view, and may be a woman, sodomite, or both. In this article, Andrew explored (as well as significantly upset the sodomite bloc) for discussing these phenomenons, including a Democrat politician who is making major moves in the Senate and if not her, could be a model for a future potential Democrat presidential candidate.


Masculinity Cults, Paganism, and Militarism
June 3rd, 2019

Paganism is increasing across Europe and the US. It is being driven in part by the rise of “masculinity cults”, which equivocate physical power and even abhorrent practices such as sodomy and outright witchcraft with being a “real man.” While exisiting for years, they are growing in power and are starting to take on openly militaristic qualities. In this story, Ted investigates a never-before examined group in New York State associated with the “masculinist” speaker Jack Donovan, and he connects this in groundbreaking research to other movements taking place in Europe, the US, and “stay-behind” type operations.


The sodomite witch called savior of Russia
August 7th, 2019

Russia presents herself as a “Christian” antidote to the degenerate West, but is this really so? In this article, Andrew explores the actual state of one of Russia’s most important political thinkers, Aleksandr Dugin, and exposes and explains how beneath the face of Christianity, Patriotism, and Traditionalism there is a series of dark, disturbing secrets about who Dugin is and what his intentions truly are for Russia.


Generation Sodom
August 11th, 2019

The sin of Sodom is one of four sins explicitly mentioned in the Old Testament which is said to “cry out to Heaven for vengeance”. In this piece, Walid describes what “Generation Sodom” looks like, and it’s a lot more than just the obvious as he describes how what God warned about in the Old Testament and then destroyed with fire for all time is what the state of the whole world has become.


How accidentally uncovered a network of occultists in the Catholic Church
October 12th, 2019

Stories affect us all, but so few people have something that comes close to them. What started out as a vacation with several relatives who are nuns turned into one of our most amazing stories of the years as Ted and Walid uncovered a secret network of occultists with admitted, direct ties to Cabalists working through a group of nuns in Italy that goes all the way into the halls of power in the Vatican.


True anti-Semitism
November 3rd, 2019

Anti-Semite is a term that is tossed about many times as a political weapon, but what is it really? Walid addresses the question directly and gives the answer straight from the Old and New Testaments that will surprise you.


The Tschugguel Affair
November 17th, 2019

The Catholic world was filled with passion as she watched Alexander Tschugguel, an Austrian Catholic convert, travel to Rome, steal a pagan idol that was blasphemously placed in a Church, and throw it into the Tiber River. However, began to investigate and when we presented our findings, Tschugguel contacted us and threatened a lawsuit. Ted and Andrew offered to question him, and what came out in our conversation shocked us both.


Germany, Russia, and the Molotov-Ribbentrop agreement
December 1st, 2019

One country that we have named before and needs to be mentioned here is India and the rise of Hindu nationalism. While we did not per se produce any specific pieces encapsulating major themes which had India as a focus, the over one billion strong Asian powerhouse is, like Turkey, going to be another major nation to watch as her hatred for Christianity grows and the US moves closer to her in preparation for a conflict with China, something that India has also expected would eventually happen.


There are several other points that we should like to mention, which is the rise of Hindu nationalism, the continual growth of artificial intelligence, and the deepening of the political divide as the country inclines towards socialism.

There are many more trends that we will continue to address, for we live in “interesting times”, and yet it is in times such as these which the dreams and stories that people tell of generations later are created.

We wish all of you a happy and healthy New Year’s Eve 2019 and New Year 2020.

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