Jewish Man With “Mental Issues” Storms Church Of The Holy Sepulcher During Christmas Mass Brandishing A Kitchen Knife

A Jewish man with “mental issues” stormed the Church of the Holy Sepulcher brandishing a kitchen knife during Christmas mass, but thankfully has been arrested and there have been no reports of any attacks from him.

A young Jewish man in possession of a large kitchen knife was arrested inside the Church of the Holy Sepulchre after causing panic during Christmas Mass at the Jerusalem holy site, police said Wednesday.

A police spokesman said that the man was mentally unstable.

He was released from police custody following questioning.

It was not immediately clear if he had threatened the worshippers with the weapon. (source)

What if this was a synagogue? Would this not be considered an ‘unforgivable act of “anti-semitism”‘?

Would it or would is not be, proverbially speaking, ‘shouted from the rooftops’ of the media about this ‘act of Jew hatred’?

If it was a Christian who did it, would there or would there not be a flock of Jewish lobbyists demanding the harshest punishments possible, apologies, and possibly demands of financial compensation for unspecified ‘mental anguish’ caused by the incident?

Would this or would this not prompt a whole series of discussions and more on television, all with the theme of how bad the person who did this is, making sure to mention his religion, while also decrying the ‘plight’ of the ‘poor Jews’?

Now this is not to say that acts of violence against Jews are good or should be encouraged. One must treat all people in accordance with Christian morality, and Jews are people.

Rather, this is about a serious problem, which is the manifest hypocrisy of so many who claim a love for Israel and fellow Jews, but by accident or intentionally so, apply one standard of behavior for Jews, and one for anybody else. While nobody in life is exempt from the proclivity to sin, there is a consistent problem with this issue, and when it becomes pronounced in history, violence often results from it.

It is to the credit of The Times Of Israel that this story was reported. However, it is unfortunate that it did not get enough attention. For while there are many people with “mental illness”, and while it cannot be further confirmed at this time about the intentions of this man, given the history of Jewish violence against Christians, the hatred of Christianity and Christ expressed in the Talmud, and the increase in Jewish nationalistic and religious sentiments in Israel, there is a very strong possibility that the claim of “mental issues”, while it may be real, also may serve as a cover to attempt to justify a failed attempt at carrying out a hate crime on one of the holiest days in Christendom, for one has yet to hear of a man storming into any public venue with a lot of people present brandishing a kitchen knife who had positive intentions.

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