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Alternativ Für Deutschland Leader Attacked In Germany And Severely Injured By “Leftist”

The speaker for the AfD in Bremen, Frank Magnitz, was attacked by a “leftist” and severely injured according to a report: Frank Magnitz was on the way back from a reception in the Bremen Kunsthalle when he was attacked by unknown persons. The AfD politician is apparently seriously injured. Frank Magnitz was on the way […]

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Hindu Man Celebrates New Year By Slaughtering His Mother, Drinking Her Blood, Chopping Her Body Into Pieces And Burning Them In Satanic Hindu Sex Magic Ritual

Police are on the hunt for a man in India who celebrated the new year by slaughtering his mother and drinking her blood. As she was dying he hacked her to death, then took the remains and burned them as part of a Tantric sex magic ritual according to a report: In a shocking act […]

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Military Coup In Gabon Fails, President Trump Deploys Troops To The Region

Gabon is a tiny nation on the African coast between Cameroon and Congo that recently had a military coup which failed. In response, President Trump has deployed more troops to the region, which while their current focus is in Congo, they will be there to monitor the situation of US interests according to a report: […]

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trump and merkel

Trump Gives Another Gift To Germany, Tells European Leaders “You Are Vassals And I Don’t Care”

January 6th marks the feast of the Epiphany, also known as “Three Kings Day” as it commemorates the revelation of Christ to the Gentile world, the arrival of the Three Kings from the East to visit the Christ child, and the end of the Christmas season. While people commonly give gifts on Christmas day and […]

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