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US President Donald Trump (R) walks with North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un during a break in talks at the second US-North Korea summit at the Sofitel Legend Metropole hotel in Hanoi on February 28, 2019. (Photo by Saul LOEB / AFP)        (Photo credit should read SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images)

The Trump Administration Wants To Do A North Korea Deal Just Like Obama Did The Iran Deal

By Theodore Shoebat When Obama did the Iran Deal, conservatives incessantly criticized it. But now Trump is trying to do a North Korea deal, and the same Trump fans who mocked Obama are praising the current administration’s efforts with North Korea. The Iran Deal (the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action) was agreed in 2015 between […]

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New Study Says That Cockroaches May Become Completely Immune To Poison

Poverty is increasing across the USA and Western world, a trend that is likely to continue for the future. With poverty comes a general increase in filth usually, and with that bugs and other germs. One can see this in many an urban center in the USA past its prime, where the streets are littered […]

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United Arab Emirates Authorizes The Construction Of Seventeen Churches

Christianity is growing in the Muslim world in spite of extensive persecution. In the heavily Islamic nation of the United Arab Emirates, The United Arab Emirates (UAE) announced that they have begun the process of authorizing 19 non-Muslim places of worship in Abu Dhabi. This includes 17 Christian churches and chapels for local Christian communities. […]

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US Starts Working With Turkic Nationalists Openly In Alliance With Japan

Turkic nationalism has been one of the important point of US foreign policy since World War II as creating a hedge against Russia in preparation for a war. This also applies to the Chinese as well because western China is filled with large numbers of Turkic minorities, all who have a history of conquering and […]

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Pope Francis speaks during a visit to Barbiana in Tuscany on June 20, 2017. Pope Francis makes pilgrimage today to tombs of Lorenzo Milani in Barbiana and Primo Mazzolari in Bozzolo, 20th-century parish priests whose commitment to the poor and powerless brought them censure from the Vatican. / AFP PHOTO / Tiziana FABI

Pope Francis Praises Trump’s Visit With Kim Jong Un, And Calls It “A Step Further In The Walk Of Peace.”

By Theodore Shoebat Pope Francis praised Trump’s meeting with Kim Jong Un, called it “a step further in the walk of peace.” As we read in a report from CNN: Pope Francis has praised the meeting between US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un on Sunday saying, “in the last hours, […]

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US Government May Outlaw Sending Privately Encrypted Messages

Many say that one should take measure to protect oneself from thieves who would steal personal data. But what happens if the government wants to outlaw it in the name of what is being called “security”? Such is a recent discussion as elements in the US government want to outlaw various types of encryption according […]

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