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Church Expels Entire Congregation After It Agrees To Have Homosexual Weddings On Church Grounds

By Theodore Shoebat The Evangelical Covenant Church just recently decided to expel an entire congregation after it agreed to have sodomite weddings on church grounds, as we read in a report from Religion News: For the first time in its 134-year history, the Evangelical Covenant Church has voted to remove a congregation from its roster […]

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ICE Is Now Targeting Migrants Living In Churches

By Theodore Shoebat ICE is now targeting migrants living in churches, as we read in a report from ABC: U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement has confirmed that it has been delivering notices to undocumented immigrants that they owe hundreds of thousands of dollars, an amount lawyers representing them say would be impossible for them to […]

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German Nationalist AfD Party Presents Video Of Israeli Youths Fighting Security Guards, And Claims That Its Showing Migrant Youths Attacking Security

By Theodore Shoebat The German nationalist party, Alternative fur Deutschland (AfD), posted up a video on Twitter showing young males brawling with security guards in a pool, claiming that the video was filmed in the German city of Stuttgart. The party’s deputy floor leader, Beatrix von Storch, said of the video: “Stuttgart, 50 hooligans. Police operation against rioting youths, […]

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Two Hundred Major Companies In The US Implore The Courts To Enjoin Sodomy On Other Businesses

Sodom is accepted by a majority of Americans today. The next step with this is to legally enforce said behavior, which is currently being done and enforcement of said ideas are increasing but have not yet reached critical mass. However, a potential change to the 1964 Civil Rights Act may bring this about, and it […]

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Islamic Terrorists In Mozambique Murder Eleven People

Islamic terrorists murdered eleven people in a village in Mozambique near the border with Tanzania according to a report: Eleven people were killed in an attack last week by an Islamist militant armed group in northern Mozambique near its border with Tanzania, Mozambican police said on Wednesday. Several of the attackers from the Ahlu Sunnah […]

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German Factory Orders Crash, Threats Of Economic Recession Loom

Threat of a recession are now plaguing Germany after a crash in factory orders puts forth the sign of a possible recession: German factory orders slumped in May in the latest sign that global trade uncertainty is turning Europe’s temporary slowdown into a more serious downturn. The economy ministry on Friday (July 5) reported huge […]

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Could The Soybean Wars With The US Be Part Of A Larger Geopolitical Contest Between China And The US?

Currently there is a trade war going on between China and the US over soybean imports. China has said she refuses to import any more US soybeans until the US takes off the tariffs that Trump has placed on her: Markets greeted President Trump and President Xi’s decision to re-start trade talks with jubilation. But […]

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