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US Expats In Mexico Concerned About US-Mexico Tensions

Mexico is home to many expats from the US. In an interesting story, there is an increasing concern among Americans living in Mexico that the rise in nationalistic rhetoric may pose a threat to them: In this haven for foreigners tucked neatly in a placid, lakeside community with cobblestone streets and surrounded by striking green […]

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Russian Government Angry After US Government Tests Missile Previously Forbidden By Treaty

The US government under the Trump administration has not “made America great again,” but has made the world more dangerous by loosening the shackles that previous presidents and politicians instituted to prevent certain situations from happening again. Two examples of these are the restraints placed on Germany and Japan, which Trump has removed, concerning their […]

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China Furious At Taiwan Over Offering Asylum To Hong Kong Protestors

An outraged Chinese government attacked Taiwan after the nation offered asylum to the Hong Kong protestors following increasing threats against them by the Chinese government according to a report: China lashed out at Taiwan on Monday over its offer of political asylum to participants in Hong Kong’s pro-democracy protest movement, a day after hundreds of […]

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Daughter Of Major Jewish Rabbi Goes Into The Porn Business

It is not an exaggeration to say that, at the very least in modern history, there is a well-documented and almost prideful link between Jewish communities and the pornography industry, which encompasses many venues including but not limited to prostitution, “adult films,” sex trafficking, “adult businesses,” and other forms of sexual debauchery. In the famous […]

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