Archive | August 26, 2019

Americans Whose Vote Actually Matters For The Future Largely Want Socialism

The votes for all people are important, but some are more important than others. From a philosophical view, the perspective of those under 35 is vital since they are the demographic that most represents future trends. Middle aged and older people, while having valuable votes, generally continue with current trends, while the younger generations shape […]

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Trump Claims That China Called Him Begging To Restart Trade Talks

The US-China trade war-of-words continues with Trump declaring that China told him in secret she wants to restore trade relations, with China publicly denying that such a conversation ever took place: With Trump making it clear on Sunday night that he was staring at the plunging US equity futures in sheer horror, tweeting that “my […]

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Major Scientist Admits Is Right, Says That Cyborgs Are Going To Play A Major Role In The Future

It is sometimes difficult to keep track of all the trends that are moving today in the world. The world has always been a bustling crossroads of activity, filled with all kinds of stories and arguments, but never in human history as the interconnectivity in combination with the intensity and speed of motion, both unprecedented, […]

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