Archive | August 8, 2019

Zionists Are Pushing For European Nationalism

By Theodore Shoebat In this video I show the push for nationalism by Yoram Hazony, the head of the Herzl Institute in Jerusalem, on PragerU which is ran and owned by major American Jewish Zionist, Dennis Prager. This is an indication as to the strong Zionist support for European nationalism:

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Do Not Trust ZeroNet- If You Thought 8Chan Was Bad, ZeroNet Is A Hideous Trap

The infamous website 8Chan is dead on the main Internet. 4Chan is still up, but one only knows when it may be shut down. The former, known as “infinity Chan”, still technically exists, but it is now found on one of two places. One is the DarkNet via the TOR browser, and the other is […]

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Wexner And Epstein Get Into A Public Battle Of Words, No Discussion About The Actual Sex Abuse Crimes

  Jeffrey Epstein rose to power at a young age through contacts with billionaire Les Wexner. The more one investigates, the more it appears that Epstein’s infamous child sexual abuse seems to be tied, in its inception, to his work with Wexner. Now Wexner is accusing Epstein of “misappropriating”- whatever that is supposed to mean […]

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