Archive | August 20, 2019

Muslim Cleric Faces Jail Time Under Blasphemy Laws After Insulting Christianity

Many times one hears about “blasphemy laws” and how they are used against Christians. While this is very true and a major source of persecution, there are also some Muslim countries who have been using the same laws to crack down on Muslim preachers attempting to sow enmity and discord among Muslims and against Christians […]

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Best Buy Delivery Contractor Attacks Old Woman, Beats Her With A Mallet Then Sets Her On Fire After Delivering Her Appliances

A Best Buy contractor has been arrested and charged with multiple crimes, including attempted murder, for beating an elderly woman with a mallet and then setting her on fire after delivering her appliances to her home on the job according to a report: A delivery worker contracted through Best Buy is accused of beating an […]

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New York First Lady Rejects Statue Of Catholic Saint In Favor Of Statue Honoring Sodomites

New York may be one of the greatest cities on Earth in terms of her power, history, and prestige, but what matters in the eyes of God is none of those things, but the faithfulness of the people. The “Big Apple” has a long history of debauchery, as with most major cities in the world, […]

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One-Third Of All Banks Close Amid Run In Ghana

One-third of all banks in the West African nation of Ghana have closed amid a bank run taking place right now according to a report: It’s bad enough that drought-like conditions and rapid population growth have stoked a shortage of water and other vital resources in Ghana, a country that boasts one of the fastest […]

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