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Just In Time For The 2020 Election, Trump Starts Construction On Parts Of “The Wall”

Trump based his previous election in large part on promising to build a border wall. That did not happen, and when the election was over, only a minimum amount of work was done, mostly in the form of putting up props to show what a potential wall would look like, and which were ripped down […]

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Knights Of Columbus Facing Major Scandal Over Insurance Fraud

The Knights of Columbus is a Catholic men’s fraternal organization that is found in many parishes and has roots in the 19th century anti-Catholicism in the USA. Starting as a type of fraternal benefit society, she has become a major player in life insurance as well as lobbying in the US Congress. However, this has […]

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US In Serious Discussions About Putting American Military Fighter Planes On Japanese Warships

Trump has been making many statements about China, and at the same time he is doing this, there is also discussions between the US and Japan about hosting American fighter jets on Japanese warships according to a report: Officials in Tokyo have requested Marines deploy F-35B fighters aboard Japan’s largest warships, a U.S. defense official […]

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German Priest Publicly Declares That He Is A Sodomite In Light Of Recent Church Synod

Church synods are usually important and good things that help advanced particular ideas meant to help the Christian faithful. However, not all synods are good, and some have been condemned, such as the infamous Cadaver Synod of the 10th century. The recent “Amazon synod” seems to be following a similar trajectory in that given the […]

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