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A Catholic Prayer That All Christians Should Say (UPDATED 3:/26)

I posted earlier that this year is the year of Mercy, and the Divine Mercy Novena begins today. As promised, this is a “crash” tutorial in how to say the prayers. Traditionally, they are done on rosary beads. However, it is not required. All that you need are your fingers and some basic counting skills. […]

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Divine Mercy Begins This Friday And This Is For The Year Of Mercy (This May Be The Most Important Post I Make All Year)

This is going to be (possibly) the most important post for this year. God is love (1 John 4:8), and in God there is no darkness or imperfection. He is perfect truth and as such He demands perfect obedience- even so much as one sin can be enough to condemn a man to eternal perdition […]

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BREAKING: Suicide Bomber Blows Himself Up, Muslims Detonate Series Of Bombs At Brussels Airport And Subway, Dozens Killed And Scores More Injured

At least four bombs have been confirmed this morning at Brussels airport and subway, one of which was a suicide bomber. In addition, three additional suicide belts with bombs ready for use found at the airport. Details are still coming in, but police say this may be in connection to a Belgian crackdown on several terrorist […]

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Five Armed Men Versus 500 Muslim “Refugees”- Guess Who Wins? – A Lesson From Israel For The Europeans

“Power comes from the barrel of a gun”– Chairman Mao Israel understands well the art and science of self-defense. It has been forced to learn how to do this and do it effectively, since she is literally surrounded on all sides by people who want to wipe out her existence. This video proves not only […]

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Japanese Woman Visits Paris And Is In Shock To See That It Is No Longer French

This video is from a Japanese woman describing her trip to Paris. Her observations are brief, but the most interesting part of this is how she notes that Paris is international in every sense- except with French people. This phenomenon she is describing is happening in all major European cities. London is no longer English, Paris […]

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Rampaging Muslims In Sweden Attack CBS 60 Minutes Crew In Public And The Police Do Nothing, Old Man On A Scooter Does More To Help Than The Rest Of The Public

Your cameraman and producer have just been punched in the face by rampaging Muslims for no good reason. The Swedish police are doing nothing except walking around. The Muslims punch a random bystander. A man in an elderly scooter actually tries to stop the attacking Muslims. And what does the story emphasize? “Sweden is dealing with […]

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French Government Launches “Anti-Hate” Campaign Against Critics Of Islam, Totally Ignores The Muslim Invasion Of Its Nation

In another bout of leftist lunacy, the French government has devised a series of public service advertisements aimed at stopping the “hate” in France against “Migrants” and “Muslims.” As many people already know, “migrant” and “Muslim” are practically synonymous in Europe in the same way that in the UK “Asian” is often used as a […]

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Mormon Cultist Glenn Beck Says That Ted Cruz Is Anointed To Lead America, Gives Another Reason To Vote For Trump

This elections gets stranger with each passing day, and at the same time there are more reasons to vote for Trump as the Republican nominee ever before, courtesy of none other than Glenn Beck, who has deemed Ted Cruz “the fulfillment of Mormon prophecy” (via the Salt Lake Tribune): Beck said that he, like many […]

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Muslims Put Their Children On Railroad Tracks On Greek-Macedonian And Demand They Open The Borders, Call Europeans “Racists”

It always amazes me how Muslims claim moral high ground when they are the ones not only invading a society and robbing it of its wealth, but to do so while at the same time placing their own children in mortal danger to serve their own ends. From Russia Today: Asylum seekers stuck in a […]

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Muslim “Refugees” In Germany Loot Clothing Container Intended For The Homeless And Needy

According to an article (which has been since removed) about this video, each Muslim “refugee” costs nearly a half-million Euros to care for in state benefits. What do they do to repay the German government? They rob donations intended for those who most need them. Look at these men. They are well-dressed, healthy, and have no […]

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Remember That Video Of The Liberal Do-Gooder Who Got Robbed By Muslim “Refugees?” Here’s The Part Of The Clip You Didn’t See

Last week we put up a clip of a liberal do-gooder having a total melt down after the refugees she tried to help robbed her phone, money, and credit cards in broad daylight. That clip gets even better because right before her melt-down, she was making a donation to a “refugee” shelter when the Muslim […]

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Trump Takes Off The Gloves, Tweets “Hillary Has Been Involved In Corruption For Most Of Her Professional Life”

“Hillary has been involved in corruption for most of her professional life” You heard that right. Trump has struck the first blow against Hillary on Twitter. Make no mistake, he is playing for keeps. The Clintons are as corrupt as politicians come, and Trump knows how to play hardball with them. He will show them […]

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Muslim Woman In UK Claims That Teenage Girls Beat Her Up And “Insulted Her Religion” After She Claims She Caught Them Stealing

I don’t condone stealing, but at the same time I don’t condone lying either. Something tells me there is more to this story than what this Muslim woman claims. I could be wrong, but it is just a hunch. If these “children” were stealing, what was their ethnic and religious background? Were they Anglo-Saxons, or […]

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Italian Police Break Up “Refugee” Protesters And Their Supporters, Beat Them With Clubs And Drive Them Away


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UK Muslim Terrorist Has A Message For ALL Catholics And The Pope- Renounce The Faith And Convert To Islam Or Die

I will let this man, who calls himself Abu Haleema, speak for himself, but before you listen, ever wonder why he has eyeliner on his eyes? While Islam prohibits men to use eyeliners, it is permissible in Islam to use Kohl (a certain eyeliner). Sounds strange? Indeed. The Prophet Mohammed used kohl and commanded others to use it […]

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Secretary Of State Traitor John Kerry “Misses The Deadline” For Determining IF Genocide Took Place Against The Christians In Iraq All In Order To Please Turkish President Erdogan

Sadly, America has become something that is the equivalent of a cheap crack whore. She will do anything with anybody for her fix, which in our case is access to an unlimited source of light, sweet crude oil, even if the price is selling her soul and dignity. In this case, America used to be […]

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