If The Recent Arrival Of An “LGBT Splinter Group” Of “Migrants” Does Not Convince You This Caravan Was Planned, I Do Not Know What To Tell You

The “migrant caravan” story has been all over the news. Now headlines are being made as the first members of the “caravan” are arriving, which is said to be a “splinter group” of 80 sodomite migrants:

A group of LGBT migrants who were part of the massive caravan slowly marching toward the U.S. made it to the coastal border city of Tijuana on Sunday. They are the first of more than 3,600 Central Americans to reach the northern border of Mexico.

About 80 migrants, the majority of whom identify as LGBT, splintered off from the larger group in Mexico City after weeks of what they say was discriminatory treatment by local residents and other travelers, Honduran migrant Cesar Mejia told reporters at a news conference on Sunday.

“Whenever we arrived at a stopping point the LGBT community was the last to be taken into account in every way. So our goal was to change that and say, ‘This time we are going to be first,’ ” Mejia said.

Members of the group in Tijuana include Honduran, Guatemalan, Nicaraguan and Salvadoran men and women, including transgender men and women, and also a handful of children. They are weeks ahead of the thousands who are on foot; the largest group of migrants is in Guadalajara, Mexico — nearly 1,400 miles south of Tijuana.

Most plan to use their status as members of a persecuted class to request asylum in the U.S. as early as Thursday.

“We are fleeing a country where there’s a lot of crime against us,” an unidentified transgender woman, told reporters.

The LGBT migrants gravitated toward one another within the caravan and began organizing en route. An internal count revealed there were more than 120 LGBT people among them, Voice of San Diego reported. Their number emboldened the collective to forge their own path northward, which they did after linking up with an assortment of U.S. and Mexico-based LGBT groups that paid for the asylum-seekers to travel by bus, Univision said.

“When we entered Mexican territory, those organizations began to help us. We did not contact them; they learned from our group thanks to the media and decided to help us,” Mejia said.

On Sunday the group arrived at an upscale neighborhood called Coronado in Playas de Tijuana just a few miles from the San Diego port of entry. They were dropped off in the tony enclave in small groups by Mexican immigration officials who had been alerted of the migrants’ arrival in nearby Mexicali. But upon their arrival they were met with anger from local residents who said they should have been warned by local authorities that LGBT people would be renting the four-bedroom house.

“This is a peaceful neighborhood and we don’t want any trouble,” Jose Roberto Martinez told Mejia. He said he lived in the neighborhood and that families in the area had survived terrible violence that plagued the region in the early 2000s — a result of the vicious drug wars in Tijuana.

“We aren’t safe here,” a woman who lives in the neighborhood said. “There could be someone within your group that could hurt us.”

Another woman demanded to know how the group had come up with the money to pay the rental fee for the expensive house. Mejia assured the community they were not backed by narcotraffickers.

Mejia spoke with reporters about the arduous journey that began on Oct. 12, recounting instances in which many LGBT migrants were denied food and access to showers by other members of the caravan or local groups providing aid.

“There was no physical abuse but there was plenty of verbal abuse,” a transgender woman told reporters, although she added it was nothing compared to the reality of living as a transgender woman in her home country of Honduras.

Erick Dubon told Telemundo 20 that he was forced into prostitution in Honduras. With no options for any other type of work, he said, he had to choose between becoming a thief or sleeping with men for money. He chose the latter and that made him vulnerable to attacks. Telemundo reported Dubon’s body is covered in scars from a violent assault.

Nehemias de Leon shared similar stories about living in Guatemala. He said the trip north was difficult and frightening, and that the chances of obtaining asylum are slim in light of the Trump administration’s rhetoric regarding the caravan and immigrants in general. But Leon said he’ll never go back. “It would be a death sentence,” he said.

Among the few possessions Leon has carried with him along the 2,400 mile journey are documents he said are proof of the danger he faces living as a gay man in his country of origin.

“We want to do things in order, in the right way,” Mejia told reporters. He said the LGBT group plans to request asylum at the San Ysidro or Otay Mesa ports of entry. “We are waiting for our representatives,” he added.

César Palencia, the head of migrant services for Tijuana’s municipal government, told Univision there are more than 2,000 people already waiting for an interview with U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials. He anticipates anyone who applies now will have to wait until the end of the year for an interview. (source, source)

I’ve heard of migrant caravans coming to the USA, but a “LGBT splinter group”?

What is this supposed to be, a pride parade marching on the borders?

But seriously, this does not make any sense at all. Since when was the last time that a person heard of hordes of sodomites of any race marching to the borders of a country demanding asylum?

Contrary to what one might think, Central America is very accepting of homosexuality and the LGBT. While “marriage” is not recognized in formal sense (and rightly so because there is no such thing as sodomite “marriage” as the term is an oxymoron) except in Costa Rica, homosexuality itself is legal in all of central America. In the case of Honduras, which is where most of these “migrants” are said to be coming from, sodomite behavior has been legal since 1899, and the law in that nation bans ALL forms of anti-homosexual “discrimination.” You can read the laws here and see for yourself.

Why would homosexuals seek asylum from “anti-LGBT” discrimination when the very laws of Honduras have a century-long precedent of accepting homosexuality and to that, explicitly punish under law all forms of “discrimination” against the LGBT? It makes absolutely no sense to say this because it is not an argument for claims of asylum since there is no persecution being experienced in this matter.

I do not support the idea of the LGBT being classified as “persecuted” individuals seeking “asylum.” That said, there is from a strict legalistic sense an argument that could be made under American law based on the last three decades of legal precedent for classifying the LGBT as “asylum seekers.” Say a person in a country such as Mauritania, in which homosexuality is punishable by death. This could be argued to be a case for “asylum” because the sodomite in question is fleeing to the USA because he is afraid if he stays in Mauritania, he will be put to death for his behavior. However, this argument does not apply to Honduras because this issue does not exist in Honduras and has not for over a century.

I have repeatedly stated the position that the “migrant caravan” is an absolute political issue based on the use by both the Democrat and Republican parties of border policies for particular gain. In the case of the Democrats, it is to accuse “those Republicans” of “hate” and “oppression” so they can support socialist economic and social policies. The Republicans use it to accuse “those Democrats” of “anti-Americanism” and “making America unsafe” so they can support socialist policies rooted in nationalism and militarism. Both groups are socialists, both know that the farm sector relies on a steady flow of underpaid, illegal workers to support US agricultural policy which is to support US foreign policy regarding the use of food as a political weapon against other nations as well as suppressing domestic unrest (which is also the same reason why sports is promoted, as the Roman concept of “Bread and Circuses” is as relevant in the ancient world as it is today). The legal no-mans-land that illegal, undocumented, or otherwise undefined status that many “migrants” have makes them a culturally acceptable punching bag and battering ram for the ambitious, especially if one does not care about the humanity of those people.

The “LGBT faction” reminds one of the “LGBT Division” of the English Defense League. Indeed, it is an oxymoron, for if one is going to support Christianity against Islam, one would not expect to support sodomites, as their actions are a sin that “cries out to Heaven for vengeance” and is roundly condemned by all of Sacred Scripture and Tradition. As noted, it is not because of religious reasons, but rather to perpetuate the same false left-right paradigm, which in the case of the anti-Islam movement has been to equate opposing homosexuality with supporting Islam and being against Islam to mean supporting the LGBT.

It is not just possible, but is a Christian imperative to oppose both Islam and the LGBT as they are both evil. One does not support one because one “opposes” the other. One must be against all evils because all have the same degenerate roots at their end. It is why Jesus said that one cannot serve two masters, and why the house of the devil cannot be divided against himself lest it collapse.

The same is true here, except instead of Islam, there is the “migrant” issue in its place.

The “Democrats” will say that the Republicans are against the migrants because they are “racists” who “hate gays.”

The “Republicans” will respond that the Democrats are liars because “we love gays too” but we are for “the law.”

Both parties will only solidify their positions- the Democrats in their support of international socialism, and the Republicans in their support of national socialism.

Both parties will support the LGBT.

No changes in any fundamental sense will take place accept the advancement of socialism and the LGBT.

In that sense, if one supports evil, than it is a success because no matter who is in power, the fundamental philosophies will be perpetuated and further sealed into the society.

That is the real scandal.

If this recent arrival of a “LGBT splinter group” does not convince you that there is something more going on here than what one is being told, that this is greater than the “migrant” issue, I am not sure what else there is to say.

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