Drug Cartel Terrorists Brutally Execute Members Of Rival Cartel In Mexican Cemetery

The cemetery of Jardines del Humaya in the state of Sinaloa is known as the “cartel cemetery,” where many drug lords go to rest. While Mexico is majority Catholic, as it has been noted many times, the Cartels are anything but Catholic, but embrace a concept of an idealized Aztec pagan past that serves as their philosophy. Many of the tombs at this cemetery are not prepared as resting places for the dead, but in the same way that the pyramids of the ancient Egyptian pharaohs functioned, as a combination house and mausoleum outfitted with the latest temporal gadgets and devices to ensure a comfortable “pagan” afterlife. Some of the “tombs” have air conditioning, furnished rooms, and television. They are so luxurious that cartels are known to have parties in the cemetery.

But a party at the cemetery went bad after a rival drug gang attacked another gang, massacring them in broad daylight before driving off:

Like “Nacho” Coronel and Arturo Beltrán Leyva, as well as tombs of friends and relatives of “El Chapo” Guzmán, “Mayo” Zambada, “Caro” Quintero and “El Güero” Palma. They were listening to music, in Jardines Humaya pantheon, in Culiacán, Sinaloa. In the Jardines del Humaya pantheon there are tombs with air conditioning, wifi, living rooms, bedrooms, security circuit and even bathrooms.

The luxuries of criminals know no limits in life or death. The great capos that in life swore to annihilate themselves as part of their vendettas, in the death they share the floor of the pantheon Jardines del Humaya where they are remembered by their loved ones in pharaonic mausoleums.

When crossing the graveyard grille the imposing structures are visible. It seems that that shore of Emiliano Zapata Boulevard, in Culiacán, was an extension of Beverly Hills in Los Angeles.

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