The Trump Movement Has Become A Cult Of Personality

By Andrew Bieszad 

Normally I don’t read comments, let alone respond to them. However, this time I would like to address a few issues.

A number of days ago, I put up an article about a state representative from New Hampshire, Frank Sapareto, who is being sued by a pornographic director he worked with for assault while on set producing pornographic “films”. He did this while he was in office as a representative for the GOP.

I spoke with Walid about it.


I have learned many lessons about life, reporting, and research that have shaped how I approach my articles. I will share two of them below.

One piece I learned from my years working the restaurant industry while I was in college. It was my first and only of such jobs, and the restaurant was part of a major corporation chain. My boss had started with the chain immediately after college and was working his way up the corporate ladder. One of the bits of wisdom he imparted to all those he worked with was that the restaurant business is chaotic, but the customers cannot be allowed see that. In his words, “we take on the chaos behind the scenes so the customers can have peace.”

A second piece of information I learned from an old friend who is a former history professor and for a time was the head of the History Department of a mid-sized university. His specialty was in medieval history, and he and I had many productive conversations together both at university and in the living room at his home, while he sat in his chair next to his large, shaggy white dog.

This professor was full of wisdom. One of the most curious pieces of wisdom I received from him, when we were discussing how one measures the progress of technology in society, was he said to watch the “pornography industry.” I asked him why, and he explained that the adult industry is one of the first industries to make use of new technologies in order to propagate their filth. He added that pornography is both one of the sins that is common throughout all human cultures, is the one sin that cannot be hidden in perpetuity, and is also one of the sins that remains consistently profitable. As such, he said that the adult “material” consumed by a society, while immoral into itself, is an indicator of the temperament, desires, and values of a society at the time and where it is moving in the future. Using one example to cite his case, he said that a major reason that VHS surpassed 8-track on the market was not because VHS was better, but because the adult industry adopted VHS as its preferred means for marketing its particular wares.

I never forgot either lesson.


For those who follow my writings, I have multiple themes I attempt to follow. These include as broad categories but are not limited to:

-Patterns of social and cultural behavior prevalent and growing in society
-Economic changes and its influence on politics
-Historical essays on patterns of past behavior and their relevance for future trends
-Emerging technologies and their place in society
-Theological expositions on particular issues relevant to today
-Criminal behavior of various types domestically and globally

Let’s return to the article about Sapareto.

Click here if you want to see the video. (WARNING: CONTAINS ADULT CONTENT)


I originally found the story on a discussion about New Hampshire politics on the /pol/ discussion board on 4Chan. Above are the original two links most people were referring to. As noted, they are NOT safe for work, especially the first one because it shows an actual clip from the pornographic video in question along with snippets from emails sent by Mr. Sapareto discussing the title of the film.

Yes, I watched the clip. I also read the emails. I read the full article. Why did I do this? So I could accurately report on the matter being discussed.

I intentionally did NOT post the above link because it contains pornography.

Yet these are the comments I receive:

+If I post a story and don’t show the link I used, I am accused of “promoting pornography”.

+If I post the same story and show the link, then I am accused of both watching and propagating pornography.

It’s a no-win situation because no matter what I do, I will be accused of being in the wrong.

If one reads the article, which I must say I often times question if people do other than the titles I list, the entire point of the story was not about pornography, but about the declining standards of what is accepted as civil behavior in society, and that which was rejected as horribly immoral a few decades ago is now not only accepted, but it is a veritable precondition for being accepted into modern American life. I used the LGBT as an example, noting that:

Indeed, consider that 30 years ago, the concept of support of homosexuality was very foreign. Now, if one does not support “marriage” between sodomites, one is instantly a social minority for the whole population (63% support) and a superminority for Millennials and GenZ (75%+ support for both), let alone the act itself.

This is not a mere “social decline.” This is an absolute collapse in a period of about a century.

I didn’t even want to get into details, because the story is not worth wasting valuable time in a long discussion. It is only notable in the reason I stated in the first paragraph:

The degeneracy of the left wing and Democrat party is well-known and manifestly visible to all who see. However, as noted, the Republican party is no less susceptible to the same tendencies, albeit at a more drawn out rate to give the impression there is less when it is not so. Just as if the Democrat party is “socialism” and “degeneracy,” the Republican party is “socialism-lite” and “degeneracy-lite”.

In other words, this is but another earmark on the pages of history showing the descent of American society into the cesspool of what is considered acceptable discourse today.

This would not be a story at all I would consider if it was a Democrat because, as I noted above, the Democrats openly embrace all kinds of perversity and filth. With the Democrats, one knows what one is going to get. The Republicans, on the other hand, claim to be “different” than the Democrats. They claimed for a long time to be the party of “family values,” and even now they claim to be “patriots” and not “degenerates,” which they say distinguishes them from “the left.” My point was, is, and continues to remain that the Republicans embrace the same evils as the Democrats but in a way that gives the appearance of being less degenerate while remaining the same in substance.

Now let’s consider President Trump. The darling of the Republican party at the moment, Trump has done as he always has done, which is to develop a successful cult of personality around him.

Trump is a known and unrepentant adulterer and womanizer. When audio came out of him bragging that he like to “grab ’em by the p*ssy”, and he was talking about married women, he embraced it and promoted his words, and his popularity grew. Americans LOVED his comments:


When it came out that President Trump paid pornographic whore Stephanie “Stormy Daniels” Clifford” $130,000 not to speak about his soliciting sex with her, the Republican party rallied behind Trump and so did many common people in the Republican party. They loved it.

So President Trump runs around promoting adultery, fornication, and womanizing, but he is OK, yet when I write about serious issues on many topics, one of which includes another Republican caught indulging in the sins of the flesh, I get accused of being a porn addict or a pervert. Where are the cries from the Republican party supporters about “Trump is a porn addict”, “Trump is an adulterer”, or “Trump is immoral”? They are not to be found, except to say that Trump is like another “Cyrus” or even “King David,” and that people need to “pray for him”:


Tell me, where does the Bible or Sacred Tradition talk about King Cyrus “grabbing ’em by the p*ssy”? If Trump is another “King David,” where is the modern-day prophet Nathaniel to tell him that he is wrong and has sinned? Also, where is the punishment, and where is the repentance from President Trump? It’s not to be found, because he is NOTHING of the kind. He is neither another Cyrus nor King David. He is another American politician who people are enamored with because they want to be like him. They want to have adulterous sex with married women, and married women want to be with men “like Trump.” These same people, many of them identifying as Christians, do not want to reject the worldliness promoted by the Trump brand throughout his life, but they want to be the ones having their own brand that people purchase and gaze upon with glassy-eyed admiration. They idolize Trump because they themselves want to be looked up to as an idol like him. They do not want a just ruler who will attempt to truly address issues, but a golden calf who caters to the lusts of their hearts.


Now one might say “well you have written other articles about sex-related topics,” and it is true. The murderous impulses of the LGBT, for example, is something I regularly address because this sin is not only identified as being particularly heinous in Sacred Scripture as well as Sacred Tradition, but this sin is being promoted around the world in a historically unprecedented way. To refuse to address it directly, swiftly, and forcefully is to submit to the agenda of darkness.

Another major trend I have focused on is the overlapping of artificial intelligence technologies and the sex industry, specifically through the use of cyborg-type robots and video modification technologies. As I have explained repeatedly in my articles, the reason I focus on these themes is because the sex aspect is being used to promote a much larger and more serious agenda, which is the rise of robotics used to bring about a new form of eugenics through economic contraction and outright population decline.

There is a general fear among the public of A.I. and robotics, because people are afraid said robots will malfunction and start to kill them. In order to combat this legitimate concern, to popularize its usage among the common people, and to bring about acceptance for killer robots, the issue is being presented in terms of personal benefit. Indeed for a man without morals and driven by his lusts, if he is offered the chance to create a pseudo-human that he can “interact” with like a human but will satisfy all of his lusts, will not complain, and he does not have to care for like a real human being, what objection could he bring to these things? The same can be said about facial modification technologies in videos, which as we have warned will be used to manufacture evidence for “crimes” or to absolve people who committed evils from their crimes. Instead of worrying about the real threat this poses for the viability of evidence and the justice system, it is ignored by replacing said concerns with the idea of indulging one’s lusts over “watching” one’s favorite celebrity have sex.

Alluding to the direct example given by my professor friend earlier, there is also the monitoring of news from the adult industry as an indicator of social trends and what is going to be considered acceptable in the future. This is not “watching pornography,” but about reading the data of what people are consuming and then processing it using other pieces of information (news stories, statistics, other trends, etc.) into a prediction for what is coming. For example, when I cross referenced statistics of adult consumption against known search trends as tracked by Google and then looked at that against other trends I have been witnessing on major social boards such as 4Chan, I found that there has been a steady trend towards the legitimization of child rape, incest, and the horrors of the ancient Spartan world.

But in reference to the above point, pornography is but one of many topics considered as a part of a larger whole because it is one component to the multi-variable nature of human life. For example, I recently put up a short story about how in the UK, TV shows are showing people eating feces and drinking urine for entertainment.

Did I put this story up because I have a “poop addiction”? Do I like watching videos of people eating poop? No and no. I did this because it illustrates a principle that I explained in the article itself:

Today many people are asking about saving one’s culture in the western world. While it is true that degeneracy exists in all cultures, given the fact that it is tolerated and promoted to this extent, is it not a surprise that society is collapsing from within?

And no, I did not spend a lot of time writing about it because there is not a lot to say other than to mark it as a note in the historical record of another action that demonstrates a continual pattern of increasing degeneracy. I have more serious stories to analyze than waste time on some loser consuming bodily waste on national television, such as a story I posted that same day about the moving of the body of Matthew Shepherd to the Washington National Cathedral because it is an attempt to create a secularized “saint” out of a drug-peddling sodomite who lived the life of a scoundrel and died because of it.


In order to find the stories I write about, I have to spend a lot of time in research and reading. While some pieces are posted strictly as news, even those are selected to discuss issues that may not be covered to the extent that they should be. Stories about Christian persecution, criminal behavior, and the drug wars in Mexico are just a few of the topics I try to address because they are not things one is going to hear about in a regular reading of the news. If I wanted to do that, I would do what the unquestioned majority of blogs do already, which at the current time is to say “Trump Said (This)” or, if it was the previous administration, “Obama Said (This)”.

Where do you hear in the news, in the English language, about the drug cartel violence in Mexico outside of “illegal immigrants,” which has turned Mexico into the second most violent nation on earth? When was the last time you saw the videos on a major “conservative” news site showing how these cults dismember people alive and openly practice all kinds of evil and worship the devil on camera? When was the last time you had regular reports of the horrendous crimes that happen all around us, especially involving child abuse, torture, or cannibalism, organs trafficking, which are becoming more common with each passing week yet are seldom discussed? How come Christians are more persecuted than ever, and yet the silence around the world towards persecuted Christians, especially in India and Nigeria, is ever more deafening?

Somebody has to go in and dig up these stories. Somebody has to go through the morass of garbage that passes as “news” and sort out the small golden flakes of stories that arise each day. Somebody has to get onto the message boards on the darkest corners of the mainstream Internet and go into the darknet to see what people are promoting, reading, and talking about, and then report the findings back so the public can know what is happening around them without having to waste their precious time and sanity. Somebody has to archive this material for the future because in an age of instant news, it is easy to erase stories and pretend that they did not happen. Somebody has to endure watching beheadings, executions, dismemberments, and people being tortured in the most heinous ways possible to determine if the video is indeed news worthy, and then if it is to bring it to the public. Two of those people who do this are myself and Ted. We find the stories that exist that none wish to discuss and try to make sure that those stories are brought to the knowledge of the public and preserved for future generations to remember. We also like to provide analysis on stories that people are not thinking of.

I don’t deal in fantasies or fictions be they in news, economics, or politics. My interest is to present as accurate as possible a view of current realities, and to see how those realities are guiding the future.

The greatest concern I have, if one has read my stories, is how there is a worldwide increase in trends that historically are precursors of a major war. In particular, they are both a rise in nationalist sentiments and the increasing justification for militarism in the name of said nationalism using social issues as a justification. Within this militarism, I am concerned about a sub-trend which is the growing acceptance of darwinism and eugenics coupled with a reverence for supertechnologies such as A.I. being talked about as “the future” by major intellectuals, business people, and government officials.

I discuss the moral rot in society because, as the Bible notes, all things are possible with God. However, man has to work with God to accept Him, for if man rejects Him, God will give him up to the consequences of his actions, which always lead to death when taken on their own power. This is the lesson of ancient Israel and even the new Israel, His Church established on St. Peter.

The trends are established and growing towards a war and the horrors that come with war, and the tools that would be used to stop or mitigate the conditions of a war are not being applied to the extent that they should. The world is in serious trouble. The signs of it are everywhere, and so few, regardless of political affiliation, are paying attention to what is happening.

Consider last year when Ted, Walid, and I wrote our article exposing the counter-jihad movement and Sigurfreyr Jonasson, the largest drug-pusher in Iceland, one of the largest drug pushers in all of Europe, and an open satanist who brags about satan being a “light” and a “thrill.” We worked for weeks on that piece and showed conclusive, damning evidence of his activities that cannot be refuted.

Might one guess what happened with our work? Few people cared about it, and business as usual continued on. There were no changes except for people who thought the piece was ‘crazy’ and decided not to follow us any more because we told the truth that was plain for all to see and it did not conform to a particular agenda. We also have gone through this repeatedly with our discussions of Operation Gladio and the rise of National Socialism, and as well as with the use of foreign refugees as a political lever to promote nationalism, and now, with our criticisms of President Trump’s actions.

In fairness to President Trump, he was given a fair chance to realize his campaign promises, and Trump has shown himself to be what almost all of the previous presidents have been, which are empty suits to promote a certain program of operation dictated by the individuals in finance, industry, and intelligence who control the core of the nation. Trump is not in that sense any different than Obama, but he is actively worse than Obama because while Obama continued to advance the same plan already in place, Trump has carried it out further than his predecessor by him being able to revive nationalism and further the remilitarization of both Germany and Japan.

To that extent, I will add that while I despise Hilary Clinton, I almost wish that she was elected because one would know the policies that she would promote. Trump has shown himself to be a television character who gives the impression of “making America great again” but is only setting up the conditions for making it worse in the future by preparing the way for a major war. He is promoting the same policies that she would have advanced, except in a more socially acceptable version, which follows my theory outlined in my discussion about Representative Sapareto- Democrats are degenerates, Republicans are degenerate-lite.


I understand that people disagree with me. However, some of the reasons I do not understand because comments made simply do not make sense.

For example, if a man takes a child and acts around that child in a way that is irresponsible and the child dies, that person is charged with second-degree murder or manslaughter. The reason is because while he may not have intended to do serious harm, his actions resulted in serious harm. This was the purpose of a story that I put up about a woman in New York who got high and drunk, got into an accident, and her unborn baby died as a result. Yet, these are the comments I receive:

What is the point of making statements such as these? If one disagrees with me, then make a serious point and explain why. I don’t ask for people to support everything I say. I do ask that one reads the story and attempts to think about what one is saying instead of projecting what appears to be a personal dislike onto what I say, which also is part of the same larger theme I have been discussion about the false “left-right” paradigm, where people in the USA increasingly want to listen to their side and not to consider anybody who does not repeat platitudes regardless of whether they are objectively right or wrong.


As noted above, I don’t waste time reading comments for the same reason I don’t waste time in a public toilet- the atmosphere smells terrible from other people’s filth.

Usually, I don’t say anything, but I spoke with Walid earlier today.

He stands behind my writings 100%.

Also, I’m tired of being libeled in the comments. This includes Ted as well.

Disagree with us if you may, and we understand completely. However, if you have a serious disagreement and you wish to comment, please so do in a way that addresses the matter at hand in a productive way.

And for those who continue to make comments that complain, whine, or are otherwise unproductive or libelous, you have two choices:

(a) stop commenting

(b) contact us at [email protected] and state your name and we can set up a time on Skype that we will record where we can discuss the issues you have with us

We are writers doing serious research for the present day and future.

We are not janitors who flush toilets filled with other people’s crap.

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