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UK National Health Service Wants To Murder “Defective” Babies AFTER Birth To Harvest Their Organs For Science

It sounds like something from Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, but at least in the original tale Dr. Frankenstein used parts from old, dead bodies- NOT new, living people and especially, the most helpless. Catholic priest Fr. Guy Pages said that Islam is a punishment from God for apostasy. The UK is known for being in modern times […]

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Muslims Rape Seven Boys So Bad In Calais Camp That They Need Surgery, French Authorities Do Nothing

Of course, the article does not say what kind of surgery these boys needed, but everybody knows where. These are Muslim men raping Muslim boys. If this is how Muslims treat the children from people who belong to the same religion as they do, is it any surprise that Muslims have been raping and sexually assaulting European […]

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Polish Communities Across Western Europe Are Uniting Against Islam And Standing Up To The Muslims

Four centuries ago, Polish armies marched to Austria and routed the Ottoman Turkish invaders at the Battle of Vienna on September 11th, 1683. It was the yet largest battle and last battle with Islam on  European soil, and not only did the battle save Europe from Islamization, but it also put the Muslim world in […]

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Mormon Cultist Glenn Beck Threatens To Stab Donald Trump If He Meets Him- “If I Got Close Enough To Trump The Stabbing Would Not Stop”

Glenn Beck is a massive fraud. Now he just threatened on his radio show to repeatedly stab Donald Trump if he met him: UPDATE: Many objected to this report. We simply reported the investigation made by CBS, Daily Caller and others which is true. Until then, it is what is on the news. The Examiner looked into […]

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Fifteen Year Old Moroccan Girl Stabs Random German Police Officer In The Neck, Says She Did It For ISIS Because She Could Not Go To Syria To Fight

According to reports, the young Moroccan woman randomly stabbed a German police officer in Hannover, saying that she did it for ISIS. When she was arrested, she was more concerned that her hijab may have been jostled as to expose her hair. This callous, evil behavior of Muslims is a deeply rooted part of Islam […]

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Businesswoman Gives Furious Warning To Women Minutes After Muslim “Refugees” Sexually Assault And Attempt To Rob Her Three Separate Times While Walking To Her Car

Rosita Kohzina is a businesswoman. While heading to her car in Vienna, three different Muslim “refugees” independently attacked her in broad daylight, grabbed her breasts, and then tried to rob her. As she relays in the video that she made minutes after the last attack, the final attacker even tried to break into her car […]

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“Ethnic Albanian” Muslims In Macedonia Angrily Protest Installation Of A 55-Foot Tall Cross, Bulldoze Part Of The Site, Start Fires And Beat Up Man Who Donated The Cross

Macedonia is approximately 68% Christian, with the majority of people belonging to the Eastern Orthodox Church. Muslims make up the other 32%, with most of them not actually being Macedonians, but rather “ethnic Albanians” from neighboring Albania. With the approval of the government, World Macedonian Congress President Todor Petrov donated a 55-foot tall cross to […]

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Turkish Police Raid Headquarters Of Today’s Zaman Newspaper, President Erdogan Takes One More Step Towards Consolidating Absolute Power

The Turkish Menace strikes again. Today’s Zaman is one of the largest and most respected newspapers in Turkey. It is also one of the most objective in that it tries to present multiple sides to important issues in Turkish society, which is a rare characteristic of a media outlet in the ideologically charged, unstable world of […]

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AMEN! Alabama Supreme Court Rejects US Supreme Court’s Homosexual “Marriage” Ruling, Says It Would Require Citizens And Officials Of Alabama To Disobey The Will Of God

  The Heart of Dixie still beats strong. It is approaching one year that the US Supreme Court voted 5-4 to legalize homosexual “marriage.” The reality is that it cannot legalize it because homosexual “marriage” is an oxymoron since marriage is a function of natural law between one man and one woman, and is something […]

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“We Can Speak Today Of An Arab Invasion- It Is A Social Fact” Pope Francis Admits The “Refugee Crisis” Is Really A Muslim Invasion

Pope Francis was recently asked by the French Catholic Magazine La Vie about the “refugee” crisis. Here is what he had to say: Pope Francis: The only continent that can bring about a certain unity to the world is Europe,” the Pope adds. “China has perhaps a more ancient, deeper, culture. But only Europe has a vocation […]

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Bloodthirsty Muslim Nanny Says That She Beheaded The Four Year Old Disabled Girl In Her Care In Revenge For President Putin “Spilling Muslim Blood In Syria”

Yesterday we reported on that Muslim nanny Gyulchekhra Bobokulova told police she murdered a four year old girl in her care because Allah ordered her to. Now more details have emerged, and not only does she believe that Allah told her to, but the reason was in revenge for “President Putin spilling Muslim blood […]

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New Study Shows That Americans Think Christians Are “Extremists” And Just As Dangerous As The Muslims- Persecution Is Coming To This Country

Christians, be aware. The warning shots have been fired. The average Russian Orthodox Christian did not think that after the October Revolution of 1917 he would veritably lose all rights to practice his faith. Do you think the average American in 2016, one year before the anniversary of the Revolution, thinks any different? The problem with […]

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Gang of 30 Muslims Chase Three Teenage Girls Through The Mall In Germany And Try To Rape Them

Imagine your daughter goes to the mall with two of her friends. Yes, there are strange and dangerous people everywhere, but you have taught her to look out for herself, and she is a stable and intelligent woman who can handle herself in public. But now even going to the mall in Germany these days […]

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German Homosexual, Pedophile, And Muslim Invasion Supporting Politician Gets Busted By Police On Crystal Meth Charges

Kudos to the police officer who made the arrest. The German Green Political Party supports the Muslim invasion of Germany. On their own website under the section entitled “Integration and Refugee Policy: they write: We oppose a “Fortress Europe”. We stand for high human rights standards in the asylum procedure and in the reception of […]

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Angry American Gives Epic Rant For Why Trump Will Win

This guy, who calls himself Outlaw Morgan, sums up well how most Americans feel about the state of the country and why people are voting for Donald Trump. I don’t agree with everything he says and he does use a lot of profanity, but he speaks from his heart and with a passion for America. […]

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Deranged Liberals Defend Muslim Nanny Child Beheader, Say That “Nazis” Are A Bigger Threat

Liberals love to spout about how “reasonable” they are, but in reality a liberal mixes as well with reason as does water with oil. This is a screenshot from Reddit about the horrible beheading of a four year old disabled Russian girl by her Muslim nanny, who said she did it because Allah told her to. […]

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