American Teenagers Make Video Of Themselves Torturing Animals For Fun

Police are searching for a group of teenagers who made a video of themselves and uploaded it to the internet of themselves torturing ducks at a nearby creek according to a report:

Investigators say they have launched an investigation into a report of teens who recorded video of themselves kicking and torturing ducks along a creek.

The ducks are usually found along Apache Creek, which is located near Our Lady of the Lake University and runs from SW 19th Street to I-35, west of downtown.

Authorities said they received a call Tuesday from a school administrator who saw a video posted on social media of multiple teens, boys and girls ages 13-15, torturing ducks, turtles and other wildlife in the spillway along the creek.

“They’re very disturbing,” Assistant Director for Animal Care Services Shannon Sims said. “It shows a complete lack of empathy for animals. It is a very damning video.”

Evidence shows the teens kicking and killing the ducks before disposing some of them in the bodies of water. It is unknown how many ducks and turtles were killed and injured due to their bodies being washed away by the waters, but authorities said they are certain the torture and killings have happened on multiple occasions.

Animal Care Services said they have interviewed multiple possible suspects and witnesses and currently have four teens as suspects right now.

“One of the most disturbing aspects of this is that there’s a definitive correlation between animal cruelty and escalating violence, be a domestic violence, all the way up into murder,” Sims said. “That’s definitely something we’re concerned about with these children. I’m very concerned about if they continue to walk down this road, what is the outcome for them in ten years?”

Authorities said even if the teens are minors, they can still face a Class B Misdemeanor for animal torture under state law.

This is an ongoing investigation and Investigators say anyone who sees any animal abuse actions should call 311 to report the activity. (source)

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