Jewish American Terrorist Proclaims His Hatred For Christ And Love Of Darwinism, Gets Busted For Planning Massive Suicide Bombing On Election Day

A Jewish American terrorist was just busted by the government for planning a massive suicide bombing at the National Mall on Election Day:

A Rockland County man who cops say built a 200-pound bomb he was planning to explode in Washington, D.C., in an Election Day suicide attack was arrested Wednesday.

Paul Rosenfeld, 56, of Tappan, was busted on federal charges of manufacturing an explosive device.

“As alleged, Paul M. Rosenfeld concocted a twisted plan to draw attention to his political ideology by killing himself on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. — risking harm to many others in the process,” U.S. Attorney Geoffrey S. Berman said.

“Rosenfeld’s alleged plan for an Election Day detonation cut against our democratic principles.”

In August and September 2018, Rosenfeld sent letters and text messages to a person in Pennsylvania detailing his scheme, authorities allege. The recipient of those communications went to the FBI, court papers show.

Rosenfeld wanted to draw attention to his belief in “sortition,” a political theory that advocates the appointment of government officials by random selection from a pool of qualified candidates.

When cops stopped his car Tuesday, Rosenfeld waived his Miranda rights and told officers he ordered large quantities of black powder over the internet, which he transported from a spot in New Jersey to his house, authorities say.

He used a burner phone to communicate with people about his plot, the records show.

He said he used approximately eight pounds of black powder to construct a large explosive device in the basement of the home. He also disclosed that he had tested smaller devices.

His home was searched and agents say they found a functioning bomb weighing about 200 pounds inside a plywood box. The device was taken from the basement and brought to a secure location.

They also found a fusing system for triggering bombs and empty canisters of black powder. The fusing system was made up of a switch that would generate an electrical charge that would spark an e-match inside the bomb.

Sortition as a political doctrine has its roots in Ancient Greece where some cities, including Athens, used the method to choose its leaders.

Rosenfeld contibuted an essay titled “The Extinction of Politics” to He described himself as a “Klerotarian,” a reference to a stone device used by the Athenians to randomize voting.

In that 2015 essay, he wrote, “If we ever hope to see this thinking converted into action that will have to change. Somehow we must convince enough people to put our movement on the map. For this, we will need a highly effective argument, because the people we wish to persuade are living under the thrall of a myth.”

He added, “And like true believers, fundamentalists even, each further obstacle is taken as a sign; the path is righteous but rocky, we must purify our faith and trudge ever onward. When we are finally worthy, the Democratic Process will at last deliver us. The road to true reverence has been long.”

Rosenfeld is a registered voter, but he didn’t belong to a particular political party. He is also a member of the Nyack Yacht Club, records show.

His parents, Diane and Peter Rosenfeld, said they wanted to thank the FBI for resolving the case before anyone got hurt, but wouldn’t comment further when reached at their Charlotte, Vt., home.

“We have nothing useful to say at this time,” his father said. “It’s too early for any of us to understand this yet.” (source, source, source)

What makes this story more interesting is that Mr. Rosenfeld has repeatedly in past writings declared his hatred for Christ and his love of Darwin and Darwinism:

To a limited extent Darwin has helped upend Christian notions about human behavior. Few people today will attempt to smear sexuality as “sin”, and we sometimes rationalize acts of aggression as having a territorial or sexual origin. But our 18th Century models of political behavior are still firmly rooted in pre-Darwinian modes of thinking. If we re-evaluate our institutions in the context of their historic biological development we may be able to demonstrate the absurdity of politics as a tool for governing human society in the 21st Century. We can fight for sortition on the basis of social justice but it would be far more powerful, I think, to argue for sortition as a matter of manifest biological inevitability.

But enough already. Please forgive me, I’m trying desperately to be succinct and I haven’t even gotten to my point yet. So without further yammering here is my “thesis”. I don’t imagine it’s a new idea and I have absolutely no academic credentials to furnish gravitas but I hope you’ll hear me out anyhow…


Like other primates, homo sapiens have always competed for resources. The earth’s carrying capacity is finite and each creature must struggle for its share. As a consequence, within any group, individuals are forever maneuvering to achieve dominance; between groups, there is a perpetual conflict over boundaries. Within the group, navigating contradictions between individual and collective priorities is a complex process with plenty of gray area but one thing is crystal clear. The group which manages its internal conflict most efficiently will be best equipped to compete externally with groups inhabiting adjacent domains. This management process is called politics.

To be very blunt, politics is the process of maintaining group hierarchical relationships with a minimum of overt physical violence. Efficient resolution of internal conflict ensures that a maximum of violent potential will be available for external defense of the established domain and (ideally) conquest of neighboring domains. Anarchy and internecine conflict are weaknesses that will be exploited by better organized surrounding groups. This imperative for efficiency leads inevitably to voting. As a matter of biological necessity homo sapiens learned to sublimate their violent tendencies (most of the time) in favor of majority rule. It helps to keep the group strong.

There is nothing moral or ethical about this process. We shouldn’t (as most do) conflate majority rule with the common good. These are two entirely different concepts. Majority rule is a biological survival tactic utilized by many species. Homo sapiens adorn the process with language, culture and even technology, but every creature living in a herd or pack does something vaguely similar. The “common good” is an intellectual abstraction created by humans. It is often identified with another abstraction called social justice. (source, source)

It is an interesting case, that is for sure.

Many questions need to be answered.

For example, what are his connections?

Given that it was a “suicide attack,” could this be something that would be blamed on Muslims as a way to, as it has been shown before, support nationalism?

What other information is not being told?

One can only imagine the information that may emerge from this.

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