New Study Finds A Minimum Of Ten Percent Of Older Sodomites Have Regular Sex With Women

A recent study has found that a minimum of ten percent of homosexual engage in regular sex with women:

One in 10 middle-aged gay men have had vaginal sex in the past three months, according to German study.

The research found that out of this sub-group of participants, all of whom self-identified as homosexual, three-quarters of them had never had sex with a man.

The study, conducted by professors at the Technical University of Munich and published in this month’s Sexual Medicine journal, is the flip side of a piece of research released earlier this year which found that men who identify as straight have a lot of gay sex.

In the study’s report, the authors concluded that a significant number of middle-aged German gay men have not come out, writing: “A considerable proportion of homosexual identified men live a heterosexual life.”

Professor Kathleen Herkommer, who led the study, explained that these men’s mental health can suffer as a result of hiding their sexuality, and that this groundbreaking research could help the drive to help them.

“We identified a group that recognises its homosexuality, but do not live it, and instead lead and have led a purely heterosexual life – often with a wife and children,” she said.

“There is evidence that such a discrepancy can lead to mental health problems. Our study provides important data to further explore this phenomenon.

“Other studies have already indicated that this group exists, but we have now demonstrated it scientifically for the first time.”

More than 12,000 men participated in the research, which also found that on average, men who had sexual contact with other men did so at the age of 20.

This was two years after the average man had their first sexual contact with a woman.

Professor Herkommer reasoned that “this is probably the result of a discovery phase in which different sexual orientations are tried out.”

When it came to favourite sex acts, homosexual men who had had sex in the past three months were most likely to have engaged in oral sex, with 91 percent having done so.

Anal sex was far less common, though it had still been experienced by the majority of gay men, at 64 percent.

Whereas 98 percent of straight men had engaged in sexual relations with 10 or fewer people before the age of 45, just under half of gay men had been with more than 30 sexual partners.

The majority of gay and bisexual men were also in stable, long-term relationships, providing more data to contradict the damaging stereotype that queer men are promiscuous.

Last year, New South Wales Police was accused of homophobia after investigating “promiscuous” gay officers because of their “loose morals.” (source)

This is not new news, but it is an important reiteration of the regular behavior of homosexuals and is a major factor when one considers the rise and spread of STDs.

Homosexuals, due to the nature of their activity, which is little more than masturbating on another man’s organ for removing human waste from the body, naturally exposes them to disease. Whether it is HPV (Human Papiloma Virus), HIV/AIDS, or drug-resistant forms of gonorrhea or syphilis, while all can be found among the heterosexuals, they are all the primary vectors of them because of such behavior.

It is bad enough that homosexuals spread disease among themselves, but the fact that they engage in sex with women means that, as vectors, are spreading the disease to women who will then spread it to other men.

For example, John is married to Sue, but John is a homosexual secretly. He has sex with Doug at the gay bath house, and Doug does not know that he has drug-resistant gonorrhea because Doug just got back from Thailand where he and his sodomitic partner Robert just engaged in a week-long orgy with gay prostitutes. Robert did not get infected, but Doug did, and he gave it to Robert. Doug unknowingly gives the bug to John, and John returns home to his wife, has sex with her, and now Sue has it. Sue, however like many women in the USA, does not like John because he does not give her “enough attention,” so she is secretly having an affair with Chad at the office. She goes to the office and hooks up with Chad in the broom closet after work and gives it to him. Then, being that Chad is a strapping and handsome man, goes to the bar with his friends and picks up a women on Friday and one on Saturday and has sex with both, spreading the disease to both.

From one homosexual- Doug -not only was his sodomitic partner Robert and his secret lover John infected, but Sue, Chad, the two women Chad slept with, and all of the men or women those two women will sleep with. This is a real-time example of how disease can spread from the evil and irresponsible actions of one man. If there are more people involved- say fellow gay cruise partners with Steven, David, and Carlos, three of the fifty men who went (including Doug) on the trip to Thailand, also got infected -then they will spread the disease even further.

For years, the idea of “virginity” and sexual fidelity has been mocked and viewed as something that losers do. However, sin is still sin and all sin has an inevitable price to pay. In the past, God would send plagues to Israel for their evil behaviors. As times change but people do not, in the case of the current debauchery of the LGBT, the modern plague could be looked on as nothing less than the entire plague of STDs that are affecting the LGBT and are spreading to the heterosexuals and are bearing their due consequences.

There is already an epidemic of growing infertility and other illnesses caused by the LGBT. In about ten years, there is also likely to be an epidemic of HIV/AIDS owing to the use of PreP and the false sense of security it has given many sodomites.

The real fools in the end will be those who followed in the way of sin, who in the words of Wisdom 2:

For by mere chance were we born, and hereafter we shall be as though we had not been; Because the breath in our nostrils is smoke, and reason a spark from the beating of our hearts, And when this is quenched, our body will be ashes and our spirit will be poured abroad like empty air. Even our name will be forgotten in time, and no one will recall our deeds. So our life will pass away like the traces of a cloud, and will be dispersed like a mist pursued by the sun’s rays and overpowered by its heat.

For our lifetime is the passing of a shadow; and our dying cannot be deferred because it is fixed with a seal; and no one returns. Come, therefore, let us enjoy the good things that are here, and make use of creation with youthful zest. Let us have our fill of costly wine and perfumes, and let no springtime blossom pass us by; let us crown ourselves with rosebuds before they wither. Let no meadow be free from our wantonness; everywhere let us leave tokens of our merriment, for this is our portion, and this our lot.

Let us oppress the righteous poor; let us neither spare the widow nor revere the aged for hair grown white with time. But let our strength be our norm of righteousness; for weakness proves itself useless. Let us lie in wait for the righteous one, because he is annoying to us; he opposes our actions, Reproaches us for transgressions of the law and charges us with violations of our training. (Wisdom 2:2-12)

That is the real root of the LGBT’s hatred of the Faith, as it is a fight over moral truth versus evil.

While it will be a struggle for a time, the Bible has already stated the final verdict, which is that the righteous will live, but the wicked will perish.

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