Brett Kavanaugh Is Not A Rapist But He Is Not A Hero, Lindsay Graham Is Not A Patriot, And To Say Such Is As Dumb As Are The Protests Over Kavanaugh’s Installation

The entire Brett Kavanaugh circus side show is for the moment, temporarily over. People on the “left” are furious, people on the “right” are rejoicing, the Democrats are waiting for Kavanaugh to make a decision that they can use to say “I told you so,” and some members of Congress such as Lindsay Graham have clearly emerged with a massive boost in popularity:

Now there are many good things to say about Mr. Kavanaugh, and the clear position of the so-called “left” that is not publicly questioning the legitimacy of the Supreme Court is utterly dangerous and ridiculous. Both the “left” and the “right” will eventually try to use this fiasco to claim “victory” at a future point.

However, I want to take an overall look at the nomination itself, because as we have said before, the issue is not so much of “left” vs. “right,” but one of the advancement of principles that support the destruction of human freedom and morality versus those which build them up. Such views are not limited to any party, but are ones of principle, and while it is true that there is no such thing as a “perfect” candidate, and that a degree of disagreement will happen, there are general philosophical principles that must be maintained lest the integrity of the republic itself be threatened.

One of such principles, in the case of the USA, is that the government must not see the people as a herd of cattle and she as the farmer whose job it is not just to care for, but to exploit the cattle for her own benefit regardless of their welfare. In European society, this problem was solved with the Church, for by the establishment of the “three estates”- the rulers (first), the ruled (third), and the Church (second), that Church served as the binding and buffering agent between the two, drawing them together and also separating them for the mutual benefit of both. The Protestant Revolution destroyed this because it subjugated the second estate to the first through nationalizing Faith, making it an expression of patriotism and thus bringing about the conditions for the eventual removal of faith as a participant in society except as one that is voluntary and tangential. This inevitably creates a system where the rulers exploit the ruled for their own benefit, and there is no buffer to separate between them.

This process has been going on in the USA for a long time, but in recent times made its strongest advances with the passing of the USA “Patriot Act” in 2001, which brought about the conditions for effectively stripping away any concept of the due process of law and creating the conditions for a future dictatorship. While it is important to fight terrorism, one does not fight terrorism by sacrificing one’s own principles, for to do so would be to say that in order to fight evil one must join with evil, as as always, evil is not defeated by becoming like it, but by being that which it is not, which is truth and righteousness.

Regardless of what one thinks of Kavanaugh or Lindsay Graham, one cannot argue the fact that both men are major supporters of the Patriot Act and the principles supported by it. Kavanaugh was himself not only a supported, but directly involved in the efforts to pass the Patriot Act:

From 2001-06, Judge Kavanaugh worked as Associate and then Senior Counsel to President George W. Bush. There he assisted in the effort to pass the PATRIOT Act and drafted a statement that President Bush incorporated in the bill signing. Kavanaugh wrote that the PATRIOT Act will “update laws authorizing government surveillance,” which he claims, and President Bush then restated, were from an era of “rotary phones.” (source)

Forget about the dubious rape claims made against Kavanaugh, for allegations of a crime are not proofs of a crime, and there is no tangible evidence in the objective sense to say that he actually engaged in sexual assault. However, there is tangible and documented evidence that he supported the advancement of government policies based on a philosophy that is in itself but another form of dictatorial socialism, granting power to the government at the expense of the masses and their dignity, which is itself something that makes him unworthy for the job. While there are many who would say that he is “pro-life,” the philosophy upon which the Patriot Act is itself based is anti-life as it would sacrifice the principles of the nation in the name of “fighting terrorism,” meaning that it is possible that, if he saw it politically expedient to become “anti-life”, there is the possibility that he may go against it in the name of the same expediency.

The same is true of Lindsay Graham. While he is having a boost in popularity because of his little speech that he gave about Kavanaugh, he was also a major supporter of the Patriot Act as well as has been sexually questionable for years, and also is a major supporter of the Israeli lobby tied to the American military-industrial complex and the war lobby.

These are all serious issues worthy of consideration, yet they were not discussed at all. Instead, there was discussion about allegation of lurid sexual histories and hysterics from hordes of dumb women and their male sycophants to the smug grins and coarse remarks of those who oppose them.

So who really won with the Kavanaugh appointment? The “left” is calling for an open, socialist revolution and more power to the government to regulate the courts in favor of the iron will of the dictator. The “right” is cheering the support of a man who advocated for a law that has been highly destructive to American freedom and has put the USA on the path to what is another form of socialism.

Neither “Republican” or “Democrat” won in this war, but only those who have power and want to take more of it away from the masses. Regardless of who is in power, the advancement of the controlling mechanisms of government over the people were accomplished, and the biggest losers were the common people.

Stop looking at the “left-right” paradigm and rather, think in terms of philosophy, because ultimately the battle is one of philosophies, one of freedom and morality, and one of control and destruction.

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