Mexican Drug Cartels Battle Right On The US-Mexican Border And Nobody Is Talking About It

While it is known that the war with the cartels continues and it is close to the USA, it is seldom discussed how close it is. While terrorist acts thousands of miles away are presented as imminent threats, drug cartels regularly battle on the US border and it is rarely reported. As such, local Mexican citizens of good will have taken the matter to their own hands and are trying to report on the chaos taking place in their neighborhoods:

Citizen journalists are still the only ones documenting the conditions in which local residents are forced to live, where the sound of automatic shooting has become commonplace. A video recorded by citizen journalists captured the sounds of gunfire when a group of gunmen and police forces clashed recently on a busy avenue in this border city, a couple of miles from the border with Texas.

In that shootout, the state police of Tamaulipas had been chasing a gray Ford F-150 truck with four assassins. The chase had begun in another part of the city when authorities saw the gray truck and a white Chevrolet Traxx; Both vehicles had gunmen inside. The authorities tried to pursue the two vehicles.

But they separated and went in different directions unleashing fierce shootings. The chase of the small car ended when the driver of the vehicle was mortally wounded by the shots and stopped the car, the second sicatio also died in the event.

The pursuit of the gray van ended when the vehicle crashed with a public transport bus along Bulevar Hidalgo, one of the main avenues of the city. Three assassins died inside the van and authorities arrested a fourth who tried to flee. (source)

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