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BREAKING: White House: Obama Is Removing Cuba From List Of State Sponsors Of Terrorism

Associated Press just released that Obama is removing Cuba from list of State Sponsor of Terrorism. The White House says that President Barack Hussein Obama is removing Cuba from a list of state sponsors of terrorism. So now Obama, in his last days is going full throttle with bids to normalize relations between Cuba and Iran, […]

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U.S. Senator Ted Cruz holds a plastic hand grip in front of a picture of a hunting rifle during Senate hearing in Washington

Ted Cruz KILLS IT with answer on Second Amendment, background checks, and public opinion

Thanks to The Right Scoop Okay maybe I’m just a little excited here but I think this is a great clip that showcases Ted Cruz’s prowess on the issues, and in this case the Second Amendment, background checks and public opinion versus the Constitution. And he’s not afraid to say why the Second Amendment really […]

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Watch Donald Trump: He Is Patriotic And He Can Fix America

By Walid Shoebat Billionaire businessman Donald Trump – who’s recently made moves toward a 2016 White House run said last month “I’m not a politician, thank goodness, politicians are all talk, no action.” I talk to my friends and they tell me that the problem with Trump is that he is not a politician. I totally […]

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Why All Christians Must Focus On Spain As One Of The Nations That Will Be Chosen By God To Destroy The Antichrist

By Theodore Shoebat Spain will be one of the nations that will be chosen by God to defeat the Antichrist. For centuries God has used Spain to fight against numerous evils: the paganism of the Aztecs and the Muslims, and let us not forget that the longest war in history was in Spain. It was […]

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The Muslim Brotherhood Will Be Sending Its Terrorists To Washington To Negotiate With The Obama Administration For The Release Of Islamic Jihadists Who Have Been Sentenced To Death

As has reported before, the Egyptian government sentenced to death several Muslim Brotherhood terrorists, 14 of whom are leaders, including Mohammad Badie. Now,Muslim Brotherhood sources have revealed that the terrorist organization has declared that it will be sending representatives to the United States to push for American intervention to stop the executions of the […]

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Italian Government Arrests Two Muslims And Drives Them Out Of The Country

By Theodore Shoebat It seems as though Europe has a better approach to how to deal with jihadist sympathizers. In Italy they arrested two Tunisian Muslims for having pro-ISIS sentiments and drove them out back to Tunisia. According to the report Two Tunisians have been expelled from Italy as they were found to have links […]

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KENYA: After latest massacre of Christians by Muslims, outraged Kenyans demand UN get ALL its Somali Muslim refugees out of Kenya and send them back to Somalia

By BI: Kenya’s Deputy President William Ruto says the government has given the United Nations High Commission for Refugees three months to close a refugee camp and send the more than 400,000 Somali Muslims living there back to their own country. Considering that Kenya, a country of approx. 4.3 million people, with only about 11% of […]

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OKLAHOMA: Oh, Noes! Muslims in shock over anti-Islamic “bacon attack” on Edmond mosque

By BI: The leaders of a local mosque were outraged over vandalism to their place of worship. Yesterday, someone wrapped bacon around the front door of the Islamic Society of Edmond. Other strips of bacon were left on the ground. Designated terrorist group Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is demanding an FBI ‘hate crime’ investigation. News9  […]

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Watch Video Of Grand Mufti of Turkey Sitting In The Temple Of God Announcing Allah To Be God

By Walid Shoebat and Theodore Shoebat When Turkey’s Grand Mufti, Mehmet Gormez, enters Hagia Sophia, looks at the sign of Bismillah (literally In The Name of Allah) then announces that Allah is God in what historically is known to Christendom as “The Temple of God,” I pay close attention: This says many things: that Turkey has announced […]

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The Antichrist Of Turkey Seeks To Create An Islamic Alliance Of Both Sunnis And Shiites Which Includes IRAN

By Walid Shoebat “We have no religion called ‘Sunni’ or ‘Shiite’” said Erdogan reminding the Muslim world that Turkey will  not join a Sunni alliance with Saudi Arabia, but an Islamic alliance of both Sunnis and Shiites which also includes Iran and wants to become the guardian of this new coalition (Ezekiel 38:7) Erdogan’s true colors are showing, […]

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pope turk copy

The Turkish Government Just Said: We Will Make A Response Against Pope Francis

By Theodore Shoebat The Turkish government just recently said that they will be making a response against Pope Francis on account of his exposing of the Armenian Genocide. What that response will be only time will tell. Here is the report: “Null and void”, “inappropriate”, “unilateral”, “unacceptable” and a “distortion of history”, this is the […]

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Major Hindu Leader Declares This Message: All Christians Must Be Sterilized To Destroy Their Population

By Theodore Shoebat Yet another example of how evil Hinduism is has sprung up. Sadhvi Deva Thakur, vice president of All India Hindu Mahasabha, just declared that all Christians must be sterilized to destroy their population. According to one Asian report: Sadhvi Deva Thakur, vice president of All India Hindu Mahasabha, said that Muslims and […]

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Putin And The Russian Government Ban Internet Pornography

By Theodore Shoebat The Russian government under Putin just put a ban on internet pornography, just another indication as to the Christian influence that is dominating Russian society (and rightfully so). According to the report: A Russian court has instructed Roskomnadzor, the country’s state-controlled Internet watchdog, to block 136 websites hosting “pornographic material” under the […]

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Muslims Force 800,000 Children From Their Homes In Mass Exodus (BLACK LIVES DON’T MATTER TO THE RACE BAITERS)

By Theodore Shoebat Muslims in Nigeria, all members of Boko Haram, have forced around 800,000 children from their homes. The race baiters in America, who scream “Black lives matter,” will only whine if a black man is killed by a police officer, but not by Muslims. According to the report: A new UNICEF report says […]

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Nine-year-old non-Muslim girl is pregnant after being gang raped by at least 10 Islamic State (ISIS) paedophiles

By BI: Girls as young as 9 are being raped and tortured by ISIS savages, according to aid workers in Iraq. Hundreds of Yazidi women and children who were taken hostage by the brutal regime were released this week after more than eight months in captivity. Express  Volunteers in huge make-shift refugee camps have given a […]

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Islam is a political ideology and terrorism is just one tactic used to push it. Despite being the victim of countless acts of Islamic terrorism, America still has not grasped the full nature of Jihad. America is barely 200 years old and it is fighting a culture of deceit that was formed 14 centuries ago that it simply doesn't understand. After the worst attack on U.S. soil took place on September 11, 2001, America's leaders reached out to leaders of stealth Muslim Brotherhood front groups to help them fight terrorism. It was a fatally flawed strategy that far better served Islam than America.

The Islamic version of good cop / bad cop pits the stealth jihadist against the terrorist. Whether wilfully ignorant or not, western leaders then fail to act from the premise that both the good cop and the bad cop have the same agenda, just different means of achieving it.

Islam is an extremely racist belief structure that is rooted in hatred for all non-Muslims, particularly Jews and Christians. This hatred is masked by finding Jewish and Christian leaders who will help stealth jihadists portray tolerance while painting as intolerant and 'Islamophobic' anyone who calls them on it. Any attempts by stealth Islamists to portray tolerance of other faiths is more deceit.

In addition to bringing you the barbaric reality that is Islamic terrorism, reveals the other tactics used in Islam to commit various forms of jihad. For example, the Muslim Brotherhood is the largest Sunni Islamic umbrella group. While the Islamic terrorist groups like Hamas and al-Qaeda, which all are creatures of the Muslim Brotherhood, are made up of Islamic terrorists, other Muslim Brotherhood groups – like the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) and the Muslim Students Association (MSA) – wear a different face. Their jihad is political in nature and seeks to acquire power through the American political system.

Whether through terrorist or stealth jihadist, Islam seeks to have jihad carried out in various capacities. The ultimate objective of the Muslim Brotherhood is the resurrection of the Islamic Caliphate, which was previously known as the Ottoman Empire, located in what is today known as Turkey. As the Muslim Brotherhood serves as the umbrella for various terrorist and jihadist groups, The Caliph of any future Ottoman Empire will be served by the Muslim Brotherhood.