Victory in Florida: Request for Mosque permit denied

Residents in Lake County, Florida have achieved a major victory by getting the County Commissioners to deny a permit for a group of Muslims to build the Islamic Center of Clermont on five acres of property in a residential area.

Via CFNews, h/t BNI:

Lake County Commissioners told a group of Muslims they couldn’t build a mosque near Clermont Tuesday.

However, they said the decision wasn’t for religious reasons.

Neighbors noticed dozens of cars pulling up to a South Lake County home five times a day, but many only recently learned it was the home for the Islamic Center of Clermont.

Members went before Lake County Commissioners Tuesday requesting a zoning permit to build a joint recreation and worship center on the 5-acre lot.

“This center means a lot for our members to have a place for our children to go,” Rehana Insanally told commissioners.
But neighbors challenged the request for the building, which could have been up to 25,000 square feet with room for 199 parking spots.

“It’s nothing against the church. It’s for the safety of our neighborhood. We choose to move there because of the peace and tranquility we have,” said Arnold Ceballos, who resides near the property.

Thomas Pratt angered many in the crowd and some commissioners when he played a recording of Islamic music.

“The loudspeakers are going to playing this at a 120 decibels,” Pratt said.

“I don’t think that’s really relevant,” said Commissioner Leslie Campione.

Not relevant? I bet Commissioner Campione would find it relevant if she lived in the neighborhood.