Video: CNN’s Anderson Cooper in Retraction mode for airing Pallywood scene

CNN’s Anderson Cooper has now retracted some Pallywood footage aired during one of his newscasts. We blogged about the incident in question back on November 17th. The BBC captured a Palestinian man in Gaza being carried away by other Palestinians. Moments later, the man was up and walking around as if nothing happened. Cooper’s report only showed the footage of the man being carried away while reporting on injuries in Gaza.

Those familiar with our site know how little we think of Anderson Cooper’s brand of journalism. Nonetheless, he is now on record as having retracted the airing of the pseudo-injured Palestinian.

Via NewsBusters:

Now that Cooper has retracted one Pallywood scene, perhaps his network can get to work on retracting an entire blood-libel news report from one of its correspondents – Sara Sidner – who should be fired for journalistic malpractice after producing a pro-Palestinian / anti-Israeli hit piece that left viewers with the impression that a young Palestinian child was killed by the Israelis.

In reality, the child was killed by Palestinians and Sidner’s report is far worse than a rotund Palestinian man faking an injury.

CNN is the same network that concluded Walid is the fraud.

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