Why does CNN’s Sara Sidner still have a job (Pallywood)?

Talk about glossing over its own journalistic malpractice. In this clip of CNN’s Don Lemon, one has to stretch to call it a retraction. It’s more like CNN spinning either its own incompetence or complicity in the furtherance of a blatantly false narrative.

While it should be noted that CNN’s Lemon at least acknowledged that the report produced by foreign correspondent Sara Sidner had problems, namely that her report from November 17th actually implied that a young Palestinian boy was killed by Israeli air strikes when he was actually killed by Palestinians, perhaps the most amazing aspect to this is that after Lemon’s done with his soft shoe, pseudo-retraction, he goes to Sidner for an update.

Sidner should be fired. This wasn’t about her just getting some little aspect of her report wrong. This was about her involvement in a blood-libel of Israel. These tactics are also nothing new when it comes to the Palestinians in Gaza. It’s a place where a conspiratorial culture exists and people like Sidner should be very, very aware of it. It’s been going on for years. There have been documentaries made about it for Pete’s sake! Yet, after a feigned attempt to issue a retraction of her work, Lemon then immediately introduces her to the audience as a credible source for describing events in the region.

CNN’s Pallywood retraction problem continues…

Ben Barrack’s new book, Unsung Davids, features both a chapter on Richard Landes, the man who discovered Pallywood, as well as a chapter on Walid Shoebat.

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