Video: Unmasked, Bald-faced Liberal Juan Williams says Israel using “Overkill”

During an appearance on Fox’s Special Report, Pseudo-intellectual Juan Williams said that Israel is using ‘overkill’ in its attacks on Hamas and the Palestinians in Gaza. Lost on this increasingly unmasked liberal is the fact that Israel has shown unwarranted restraint for years, as Hamas rockets have been fired indiscriminately into civilian neighborhoods.

Williams also ignores Israel’s incredible precision when attacking militants, despite the Hamas tactic of firing rockets from schools, mosques, hospitals, et. al.

If you could see through the forehead of Juan Williams, you would see a firewall, behind which is the region of his brain that uses logic. For some reason, it’s being quarantined.

The silver lining here is that people like Williams, who have for years tried to portray themselves as reasonable, intellectually honest liberals (oxymoron alert), are showing their true colors.

Note: the reference to “true colors” is a metaphor and not a reference to race. Before you think we’re overreacting, may we remind you of Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price getting offended by the term “black hole”?

h/t GWP


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