Video: All Saints Church’s useful idiots hold MPAC Convention

Rev. Susan Russell is an Episcopal priest at All Saints Church in Pasadena, California and she is thrilled to be hosting the annual convention for the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC) for what she’s calling an ‘Interfaith advent’. The best part? She says people who have a problem with it suffer from ‘ignorance’.

A better case study in the psychological defense mechanism known as projection one will be hard-pressed to find. When the ignorant accuses others of ignorance, the point is made in spades. Russell is being played for the fool that she is by none other than MPAC Executive Director Salam Al-Marayati, who suggested on a radio program just hours after the 9/11 attacks, that Israel should be put on the ‘suspect list’.

Mahdi Bray, the long-time Political Director for MPAC has shown quite overt support for Hamas, to include attending a fundraiser for the terrorist group in an Orlando mosque and cheering Hamas and Hezbollah outside the White House in 2000 while on a stage with convicted terrorist Abdurahman Alamoudi.

“The threat of Islam is predicted all over the Bible, read and study Walid Shoebat’s incredible work that explains all. Click here for more information.”

Take note when viewing this news report from KTLA 5 in Los Angeles that the anchor who introduces the segment says the church “is being threatened with hate mail”.

Threatened with hate mail? Uh…

…what does that even mean???

Does it mean the church was called with threats that it would receive hate mail? It appears that was a misuse of words in order to lead the viewer to believe that threats were made via hate mail.

In the news report, Al-Marayati and Russell read from a couple of these letters.

Here is an excerpt read by Al-Marayati. Ask yourself as you watch, if this constitutes a ‘threat’:

“You are true stereotypes of the useful idiot, first recognized and exploited by Lenin.”

Uh, is that all you got, Salam?

Russell read the following excerpt from another letter:

“You endanger my country and my grandson’s future and for that, I cannot forgive you.”

Where’s the hate? Where are the threats? One should assume that Al-Marayati and Russell would read from the most incendiary of the letters’ excerpts but… that’s it?!

Incidentally, at least two of MPAC’s leaders also jumped to the defense of Huma Abedin when Rep. Michele Bachmann and four other congressmen raised questions about her familial connections to the Muslim Brotherhood.

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