Fort Hood Shooting: Military police kill soldier who fired gun at them from ‘suspicious vehicle’ – no name available

There has been another shooting at the Fort Hood Army post, though this one is not getting much attention.

Via Fox News:

Fort Hood police have shot and killed a soldier who fired a gun while sitting in his car on the Central Texas Army post.

Fort Hood officials say officers responded to a report of a suspicious vehicle parked near a lake about a mile from the main gate about 3:20 a.m. Friday. Then, the officers returned fire after the soldier shot his weapon at them as they approached the car. The officers were not injured.

Curiously, more than twenty-four hours after this shooting, the identity of the shooter had not been released.

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Investigators later determined that the 30-year-old man was assigned to the 1st Cavalry Division at Fort Hood.

The soldier’s name wasn’t immediately released. The investigation is ongoing.

The Austin Statesman reported that the name was being withheld until next of kin were notified.

We are not charging that the soldier is a Muslim. It’s quite possible he/she was not. However, the longer the names of those involved in shootings like this are withheld, the more suspicions are raised.

Case in point. On November 5, 2009, in the wake of the Fort Hood massacre, it became apparent that the shooter was a Muslim who bore a very Islamic-sounding name. In the below audio exchange between Fox News Channel’s Shepard Smith and U.S. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-TX), note how neither of them wanted to reveal the identity of Nidal Malik Hasan.

Also, take note of how quickly Smith was able to say with confidence what Hasan’s motive was. The Fox News reporter also erroneously reported that Hasan had been killed. When he asked Hutchison if the unnamed shooter said anything during the shooting, Hutchison said she didn’t know.

Fort Hood Shooter with Kay Bailey 110509

Uh, the man’s name was Nidal Malik Hasan and he shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’. If there’s one thing we could use more of, it’s transparency with respect to shootings at Fort Hood.


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