Uncontrollable Gun Controllers

Keith Davies

The famous Albert Einstein was also somewhat of a philosopher as well as a physicist of great stature. He stated that cold was an absence of heat, darkness was an absence of light and evil was an absence of good. As our nation becomes more liberal in its culture, our values lose definition. The values America used to bind itself to were based on the Judeo-Christian ethic based on the bible. Over the last hundred years, our politicians and courts have acted in a way so as to obfuscate that value system that created the Constitution, which lead to the greatest free country in history. The last hundred years of progressivism has turned upside down the founding fathers’ meaning of the very document that has made the United States great.

Yet again, another crisis is not going to waste as the progressive leaders line up to use the tragic shooting of 26 people – with 20 kids among the dead – as a way to undermine the constitutional rights of the people.

The very same people who now wish to ban guns are the very same people who had no problem supplying assault rifles to gangs and criminals in Mexico. Those very same weapons were used to kill two US law enforcement officers as well as several hundred Mexican civilians. The very same people i.e. Attorney General Holder and President Obama used “executive privilege” to cover up their foolishness.

If you think that is not bad enough, evidence from several sources indicate that the US government went into Libya not so much to depose Gadhafi but to empower the Muslim Brotherhood to take control not just of Libya but the whole of the Middle East. Multiple sources seem to indicate the administration has supplied weapons to Al Qaeda. We have shown in our past investigative journalism the vast network of Islamists that have infiltrated our government and it seems the president has the very same agenda as the Islamists. So it seems that it is alright to supply weapons to Islamic terrorists who swear to destroy the United States but it is not alright for law-abiding citizens to have guns because of the actions of a few nut cases.

Three thousand Americans died on 9/11/01 when Islamic terrorists used airplanes as missiles. Does that mean we stop using airplanes? Thirty six thousand people died last year on the roads from car accidents versus 11,000 from gun violence. That means it is more than three times more likely you die from a car accident than being shot in gun violence. Does that mean we should all use horses and bicycles? I am sure many people fall off their bikes and horses too, so let us ban them too.

Accidents and crime are phenomena as old as life itself. The solution is simple; we need to follow the values laid out in the Bible as the basis for how we live our lives. Our constitution and Bill of Rights was based on biblical principals. Our transport systems needs to be safer; this is sound biblical principal. If the government and the manufacturers set and follow rules that promote safety, fewer accidents will occur and if, as a nation, we understand there is good and evil and that good is what is proclaimed in the laws of God through the Bible, then good in our society will be more prevalent than evil. The founders placed of second most importance after freedom of religion and freedom speech, the entitlement of free citizens to bear arms. There was good reason and precedent for such an amendment. In communist Russia and Nazi Germany, the confiscation of weapons was the first stage in the removal of freedom. The founders understood this too well.

Sadly, the balance today in America is tilted more toward evil than good. Evil has become good, tolerating evil is “understanding” and those who point out evil have become “evil” in the eyes of the majority of Americans and the Media. The church has cowered and is afraid to speak out against evil; the media tends to avoid the issue of abortion and gay marriage unless you are for such things. Our politicians are very skilled at getting elected but do not seem very skilled in governing for the good of the people.

The people on the other hand are uninformed, apathetic or in agreement with the evil that is befalling the country.