Egypt’s Morsi calls for ‘Dialogue’ after signing a Constitution that limits dialogue

As much of the world was celebrating Christmas, Egypt’s new Muslim Brotherhood president Mohammed Morsi was signing his country’s new constitution, which is based on Sharia law (they don’t want that part getting out yet). As such, any non-Muslim has officially been subjugated to Muslim fundamentalists.

But relax, Morsi wants ‘dialogue’ now.

Via BBC:

President Mohammed Morsi has congratulated Egyptians for endorsing a new constitution and urged all parties to join him in a national dialogue.

In a TV address to the nation, Mr Morsi said the economy was a priority and that changes to the cabinet would be made if necessary.

Some 63% backed the constitution in the controversial referendum.

But opponents say the document is too Islamist and have rejected the call for dialogue as “lacking seriousness”.

A spokesman for the main opposition group said protests would be held in Tahrir Square in Cairo and elsewhere on 25 January, the second anniversary of the uprising against Hosni Mubarak’s rule.

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As for those who see the Constitution as problematic…

Opponents of the constitution accuse the president, who belongs to the Muslim Brotherhood, of pushing through a text that favours Islamists and does not sufficiently protect the rights of women or Christians.

That would equate to the subjugation of women and religious minorities. Here in the west, it’s the left that complains about the subjugating of women and Muslims by… conservatives, a large contingent of which is Christian.

There’s nothing quite extending an olive branch once you’ve completed the ‘my way or the highway’ sequence. At that point, one can shut down debate by pointing to the law.

How convenient.

Also quite predictably, Egypt’s new Brotherhood government is trying to prevent the makers from leaving.

Via Reuters:

Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi has signed into law a new Islamist-drafted constitution he says will help end political turmoil and allow him to focus on fixing the fragile economy.

Anxiety about the deepening economic crisis has gripped Egypt in past weeks, with many people rushing to take out their savings from banks and the government imposing new restrictions to reduce capital flight.

Islamic fundamentalists are simply incapable of critical thinking. If one follows their formula for success, the makers will become extinct and the takers will be all that’s left.

Kinda like cancer.


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