The Truth about the shooting of Democratic Congresswoman who now sits on Joe Biden’s Gun Control task force

In 1978, Rep. Jackie Speier (D-CA) was a legal aid to Rep. Leo Ryan (D-CA), the only U.S. Congressman to be murdered in the line of duty. In 2011, Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ) almost became the second. Speier barely survived the trip to Jonestown, where an insane preacher had moved his insane Temple, but not before she herself had been shot five times.

Incredibly, not only is she still a Democrat but the Joe Biden gun control squad appears to be enlisting her help in developing a plan of action, as she was one of twelve Democratic congressmen who make up the House Democrat Task Force on Gun Violence. The group met with Biden yesterday.

Make no mistake. Speier’s presence on that Task Force has to do with her very real and personal history when it comes to being on the wrong end of a gun. After the meeting, CNN interviewed Speier and asked her about her experience at Jonestown in 1978 (beginning at the 2:00 mark). Conspicuously absent from the exchange is any mention of Jones’ ideology and who he was in bed with – the Democratic Party. Jones was a Marxist. More on his relationship with very prominent Democrats after the video.

Via Daily Caller:

Jim Jones was a professed Marxist and moved up through the ranks of political power in San Francisco with the aid and assistance of several Democrats. He helped Democratic Mayor George Moscone get elected. In fact, through the use of Community Organizing, Jones and his Temple were very much responsible for Moscone’s victory. As a result, Moscone rewarded Jones with a seat on the San Francisco Housing Authority, which oversaw more than $14 million, and later enlisted the help of then California State Assemblyman Willie Brown (D) to introduce legislation that would ensure Jones would become chairman.

Ralph Nader has a little known legacy of disgrace when it comes to Jim Jones as well. An extremely terrified couple who had defected from Jones’ cult reached out to Nader for help, in confidence. He betrayed them. Their plea for assistance found its way from Nader to Jones.

Jones also ingratiated himself with other Democrats like then Lieutenant Governor Mervyn Dymally and Los Angeles Mayor Tom Bradley, who once said of Jones:

“I am really pleased and inspired by what I have seen. Here is truly a man – Pastor Jim Jones – who is touched by God.”

How about then Democratic Governor Jerry Brown (yes, the one who is in office today)? Brown made several visits to Jones’ Temple and clearly turned a blind eye to what was going on. Jones also rubbed elbows with Rosalyn Carter and Walter Mondale (see video below). Speaking of that video, note how Jones boasts about the fact that he was a Marxist (Obama has a history that very much involves studying Marxism and associating with Marxists). Also keep in mind how the more than 900 people died in Jonestown; Jones was responsible but it wasn’t done with guns:


In a book entitled, Six Years With God, written by Jeannie Mills (a pseudonym), the woman who was betrayed by Nader and ultimately lost her life, she wrote:

“Just a few doors down the street from the San Francisco temple the Black Muslims had their temple. Jim made strong overtures of friendship to this strong group, even sending large contingencies of our membership to attend their services, to which they responded by sending their members to our services.”

“Unsung Davids”, a new and powerful book tells the story of ten modern-day heroes who fought tyranny and evil but are given little or no recognition. One chapter features one such hero who took on Jim Jones. Click Here for more details.

Two more ironic realities about Jim Jones that should raise bold red flags with Speier…

Jones attempted to buy favorable California media coverage – to some degree, successfully – with payoffs labeled as “commendation” awards to show support for the first amendment. Laughable, isn’t it? Not surprisingly, the Los Angeles Times and the San Francisco Chronicle received the largest amounts. Eerily salient today, isn’t it?

The other reality the mainstream media will not touch is the fact that just prior to the mass murder / suicide in Jonestown, the group bequeathed all of its assets to the Soviet Union.

Instead of playing defense, the Republican leadership should be exposing the truth behind the groups and individuals responsible for Speier’s shooting. In fact, it was the Democratic Party that enabled Jim Jones to acquire the power he did.

That Speier is still a Democrat defies any and all logic, unless one believes that Stockholm Syndrome is a real condition.

Parting thought: In an interview Speier gave last year, she talked about how many people approached her delegation in 1978 to SECRETLY ask for escape. If Speier were honest, would she ask for escape from the Democratic Party?


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