Leonard Pitts the latest Huma Abedin defender?

In a column by far left-wing writer Leonard Pitts, he bemoaned the conservative wing of the Republican Party in general and had the following to say about Rep. Michele Bachmann in particular:

Via the Miami Herald:

Then there is Bobby Jindal. The Louisiana governor, widely considered a rising star of the GOP has, since the election, been preaching with evangelistic zeal that Republicans must “stop being the stupid party.” Which could be a reference to Herman Cain, presumably still poring over a map looking for “U-beki-beki-beki-becki-stan-stan.” Or to Michele Bachmann, perhaps still searching out terrorists in the office of the secretary of state. Or to any of a series of GOP candidates who made statements on rape so spectacularly ignorant they would stun even the men in those dusty places where wives are bought like cattle.

That was an obvious reference to Bachmann’s questions about Huma Abedin. Like everyone who has defended Abedin while demonizing Bachmann, Pitts never addresses the facts about Abedin’s irrefutable family ties to the Brotherhood.

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If the conservative right learns one thing in politics, it should be that the left smears individuals and institutions it fears the most. It also attempts to discredit those who expose painful truths. A prime example of this tactic – though not necessarily political – is what Lance Armstrong did to those who testified truthfully about him; the cyclist smeared them and even sued them.

There are currently two wings to the Republican Party – the Establishment wing and the Conservative wing. The liberals support the establishment wing in that fight, not because they want to support the Republican Party but because they know that the establishment wing won’t fight them. Why? Because the establishment wing is made up of political cowards. The campaign of Mitt Romney is a case in point. The mainstream media fought for him to be the nominee because it knew he could be beaten – and he was, primarily because he chose not to fight Obama (Romney took a dive in the third debate).

However, liberals like Pitts don’t tell you that. The truth is that to be praised by a liberal is to be on the wrong track, which is why Bobby Jindal should cringe when he reads that Leonard Pitts thinks he’s reasonable. That should be a red flag for the Louisiana Governor.

Of course, this puts Leonard Pitts on the list of Huma’s defenders. Check it out, it’s quite telling.

Once again, Bachmann is vindicated by liberals who attempt to smear her.


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