Video: Smoking, Eight year-old Syrian Rebel learns how to blow things up while shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’

Apparently, Syrian rebels are breeding their children to become little smoking terrorists. In this case, the child is eight years-old and carries around a rifle while blowing things up and chanting ‘Allahu Akbar’ as he does so.

Via Ynet:

He was meant to start school, learn how to read and write and meet friends. Instead he goes around carrying a rifle, runs for cover at the sound of shelling and smokes cigarettes.

At eight, Ahmed is already a soldier in the Free Syrian Army. His picture, holding a rifle and smoking a cigarette, has gone viral in the past week and has done what a thousand words could never do – it reminded the world of the terrible reality of the Syrian civil war.

After the photograph circulated in media outlets, Britain’s The Telegraph brought the story of the young rebel to anxious readers. From a carefree boy with a loving family, Ahmed turned into a child soldier living on one of the most lethal streets of the devastated city of Aleppo, the Telegraph reported.

According to the report, Ahmed’s mother and father died in a mortar strike in Salaheddin neighborhood, where his father had been working as a fighter with the rebel Free Syrian Army. Now the only person Ahmed has left is his uncle, a rebel who the boy follows and imitates as he fights against government soldiers.

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As you watch the video below (the subtitles are difficult to read), the militants Ahmed is with say there are many kids just like him.

When will the likes of McCain and Graham put down their blind ambition to see Assad go at all costs?

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