Convict Murders his father in Church on Easter Sunday in the name of ‘Allah’

Reshad Riddle entered a local church in Ashtabula, OH on Easter Sunday and shot his own father dead while referring to it as ‘the will of Allah’. This would mean that Riddle was doing Allah’s will, would it not?

Via Huffington Post:

An ex-convict charged with killing his father at an Easter Sunday church service in Ohio made rambling comments during an appearance in court and the prosecutor requested a psychiatric evaluation.

The suspect, 25-year-old Reshad Riddle, appeared Monday afternoon in Ashtabula (ash-tuh-BYOO’-luh) Municipal Court in an orange jail jumpsuit with his ankles and wrists in chains.

The bearded Riddle made rambling comments about God and said he wanted to be treated fairly. The prosecutor asked for $1 million bail and, if he makes it, a psychiatric evaluation and 24-hour monitoring.

Check out this excerpt from a CBS News report on the murder:

Reshad Riddle was quickly subdued by officers, who arrived just moments after the shooting. They say he has been mostly cooperative.

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A few things to consider… If Riddle is being “cooperative”, how come we don’t have reports about his religion? There are reports that he is “bearded”. Among other things, reports are that Riddle is an ex-convict (did he convert to Islam in prison?).

To this point, while prosecutors are requesting a “psychiatric evaluation”, not one news report is revealing Riddle’s religion, only that he murdered his father in the name of ‘Allah’.


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