The Boston Bombers’ Radicalization (Myth vs. Fact)

By Ex-terrorist and Arab analyst Walid Shoebat

I got tired of watching the ‘experts’ and commentators on TV hunt for the ‘radicalization’ of the Tsarnaev brothers. These began to sound more like a chiwawa’s continual bark rather than an honest view of the problem at hand.

Americans’ views are being molded to think that the two brothers got transformed from peace-loving Muslims to fanatic, bomb-throwing radicals by a slow process. So the hunt is on, not to find the real culprits behind terrorism but to find clues of a radicalization process.

But the truth is that this ‘radicalization process’ is a myth coined by Americans who were gradually transformed by Muslim apologists to believe in it. Both Anwar Al-Awlaki and Feiz Muhammad (the latter was who inspired the Tsarnaevs) also stated that “Islam was hijacked by a few” to later support terrorism out in the open.

Incidentally, in 2010, Feiz Muhammad called for the murder of Dutch politician Geert Wilders:

The problem with understanding the whole Islamic terrorism phenomenon is not the fault of the Muslim terrorists who for years have explained that they want us to abandon secularism for Sharia. Rather, it is the fault of Islamic terrorist sympathizers who have slowly transformed Americans into believing that a radicalization process exists and that “Islam was hijacked by a few radical elements”.

Indeed, if our terrorism policy-makers understand the radicalization phenomenon, then how can one explain the State Department and how none other than the radicals infiltrated it? In order to “engage the Moderate Muslim world” they commissioned Imam Sheikh Feisal Abdul Rauf, the ‘radical’ behind the Ground Zero Mosque who got in because he was “nice” and only moderated his tone in English.

We, not the State Department, were the first to translate – at least publicly – his doublespeak from popular Arab media where Rauf wrote an article in Jordan’s Al-Ghad, in which he clearly supported Hezbollah and Hamas, adding that they represented “the trend towards Islamic law and justice” because according to Rauf “secularism had failed to deliver what the Muslim wants, which is life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” Then, regarding the U.S., he discussed how Muslims must lobby the west to make it non-secular and “Sharia Compliant”?

If westerners seek honest answers into ‘radicalization’, they must first examine the process of Islamic Da’wa or ‘missionary work’. It is here where one can rarely find the radical statements required to label the movement ‘radical’. It’s the process where the Da’wa proponent plays his role as ‘good-cop’ while the bad-cop makes the sinister and quick transformation of Muslims into Jihadists fanatics.

The Tsarnaevs subscribed to both – Muhammad Feiz, a fiery Jihadist and Mufti Ismail Menk, a so-called Da’wa proponent who condemned the bombings.

Until Americans understand the second element they will never see the big picture clearly; Menk is worse than Feiz since the one who introduces the drugs is much worse than the crack cocaine salesman on the street.

Like Menk, Rauf in 2008 toured the world for his “Da’wa (call to Islam)” mission. Rauf met with my first cousin, the Mufti of Ramallah Ibrahim Khalil Awadallah Shoebat to discuss the plans to Islamize the Americas. Two of the Mufti’s brothers (my other cousins) were known terrorists. One being Raed Khalil Awadallah Shoebat who, like the elder Tsarnaev, was finally killed, though by the Israelis while attempting to bomb innocent civilians in Ben Yehuda Street in Jerusalem. His ‘martyrdom’ is listed on the official list of Martyrs of Bethlehem. His other brother Mahmud was released after a deal was brokered by the United Nations. Yet, the top experts and politicians in America preferred to arrest the young Tsarnaev alive. In so doing, they will spark further efforts by terrorists who could kidnap Americans and demand his release. Killing the terrorists should be the first and preferred option to solve the problem.

Now, does anyone believe that my cousin, the Mufti, is moderate and believes that his two brothers were ‘radicalized’? Mufti Ibrahim still regularly marches in ‘martyrs’ precessions. If he dared to denounce martyrdom, his head would be put on a platter.

Americans need to monitor Tsarnaev’s funeral; will he be washed and shrouded with white cloth, or if he is buried whole in his original clothes which he died in. This makes a big difference, since the second choice would mean that the family believes in his martyrdom.

But who in this naïve America even understands all this or are ready to monitor his funeral?

It’s not that we do not have ample evidence to explain the Jihad phenomenon, but that most Americans refuse to comprehend the obvious; they wrongly think that a moderate Muslim first must undergo a process that takes time in which the subject first undergoes brainwashing seminars in a slow crock-pot like process which removes all aspects of niceness to transform ‘moderates’ into fanatics devoid of any humanistic features.

Lesson number one: terrorists – including their supporters and sympathizers – are some of the nicest people one can find. Americans’ first mistake is that they evaluate people on the basis of niceness. Niceness is frequently used as a cover. There are countless testimonies on how nice the Tsarnaevs were. Usama Bin Laden also was very nice and so was Anwar Al-Awlaki. So is Fesial Abdul Rauf. American naiveté must end; Americans must stop making evaluations based on Muslimnicety.

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Western research into ‘radicalization’ is all based on a myth; there is no slow-cooking-crock-pot and there is no process in which moderate Muslims get ‘radicalized’. The fact is that ‘radicalization’ – if indeed this term is the proper one – is not a process. It is more like a button, which can be pushed and in seconds, Muslims are transformed into terrorists.

Shimon Erem, a retired Israeli General, came to meet me once with his family and began to ask the same questions; I was able to quickly determine that he had already answered them. They told me countless stories of Jews who had hired Muslims in Israel whom they considered family, only to find their loved ones killed after their new ‘family member’ had just listened to fiery Friday sermons at the local mosque. In these stories there was no slow-pressure-cooker, just a button… and the blast was at hand.

The other problem with Americans is that they only examine successful terror attacks while they ignore all the thwarted attacks that were caught by the FBI. When we examine these we find a much bigger problem than the Tsarnaevs, a truth our policy-makers do not share.

Take Khalid Aldawsari, a Saudi national who, like the Tsarnaevs, was a student and an Al-Qaeda terrorist who planned to use weapons of mass destruction in the U.S., to include an attempted assassination of president Bush; he was caught by the FBI. How can anyone argue that he was ‘radicalized’, especially since Aldawsari was not a lone wolf; he is backed by an entire system – the wealthy and powerful Aldawsari clan along with the powerful kingdom of Saudi Arabia which wants him released. It was the powerful Saudi Sheik Saud Bin Mut’ab who hosted a support group for the terrorist, defending him publicly while funding his legal team.

Yet, under the Obama Administration, the U.S. has imported a seven-fold increase in the number of Saudi students in the last few years. Today we have between 70,000 to 100,000 Saudi students. Must we wait until a Saudi pushes a button to realize the problem at hand? As their numbers rise in America, so do the odds of such an event.

Islamic terrorism is not made up of lone wolves like Ted Kaczynski; his own brother turned him in. Just translate “We are all Khalid Dawsari” into Arabic and see just how much Muslim community support the terrorist gets. Were all these supporters ‘radicalized’? The Aldawsari clan’s main website ( keeps track of everything that goes with every comment in support of the terrorist linking to other supporting groups.

What about Saudi Arabia itself, the fountain of Islam? Was the Saudi Kingdom simply ‘radicalized’ by Wahhabism? Saudi Arabia has always been radical and was the main agent that transformed Chechnya, where the Tsarnaevs came from. Today, they want to help transform Syria into Wahhabism, all with the blessing and support of the United States.

The Tsarnaevs’ were part of the Muslim minorities in America. What about the Saudi plan to use Muslim Minorities to advance Jihad? We were the first to translate excerpts of the major plots by the elders of Al Saud who produced a manifesto, which actually uses the works of 29 sources, including one family who should be of great interest to Americans—the family of Huma Abedin, who is currently working to become the first lady of New York, the site of the 9/11 attacks.

Huma’s father, Sayed Zaynul Abedin’s book Muslim Minorities in the West, was a catalyst in writing the Saudi plan to control the world. This newly discovered entity which the Abedin’s served for decades, gives us reasonable evidence to show:

1: The Abedins served a foreign entity, the government of Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Islamic Affairs.

2: They were part of a Saudi government scheme for a masterful plan to use The Muslim Minority Affairs program against the interests of the United States in part and the other continents at large.

The Muslim Minority Affairs is not simply a religious or social entity. It is an entire management system geared towards recruiting individual Muslims that live in non-Muslim lands as a collective entity. These recruits then must adhere to a jurisprudence that gets its planning and instructions from Saudi Wahhabist, Salafist or Muslim Brotherhood agendas in order to influence non-Muslim host nations to implement the Saudi Government’s master plan for Islamic world dominion.

The Abedins’ entire mission – Huma served as Assistant Editor of the IMMA for over a decade – was part of this foreign policy of the Saudi government. The Saudi Manifesto used 29 major sources to construct it, one of which (#11. P. 134) was IMMA’s Muslim Minorities in the West, published in 1998.

It introduces a conspiratorial idea on how the Muslim Minority in non-Muslim lands will be the main vehicle for enforcing Sharia to non-Muslim majority nations in order to catapult Islam’s destiny by shifting the demographic scale in favor of Muslims.

The Saudi religious establishment is steeped in supporting terrorism. Take another Aldawsari, the Saudi poet and well-known preacher Hafiz bin ‘Ajab Aldawsari who on March 14, 2012, devoted a sermon to Filiz Gelowicz, an imprisoned German jihad supporter and wife of Fritz Gelowicz, a German convert from the “Sauerland Cell,” which allegedly plotted attacks in Germany on behalf of the Islamic Jihad Union in 2007. Hafiz Aldawsari urged Muslims to come to her aid – with donations and weapons – stating that freeing Muslim prisoners held by the “infidels” is a supreme religious duty.

Terrorism and crime against non-Muslims by the Saudis is interlinked extensively with familial ties. After all, it was Al-Khattab, a Saudi who was a pioneer in exporting Jihad into Chechnya, where the Tsarnaevs are from.

Check out his video biography.

Take any Saudi clan and see for yourself. For example, clan “Ghamdi” (which has so many in the U.S.) once responded to questions that circulate the Middle East: “Why does the Ghamdi clan produce so many terrorists?” “Is the Ghamdi clan the spring of terrorism?” people asked. On its official website, Clan Ghamdi proudly responded to the question with a long martyrs list entitled, “Ghamdis the Mujahideen”. A particular point of pride for the clam was having given up two of their young men – #3 Ahmed Ghamdi and #4 Hamza Saleh Ghamdi – in the mission that destroyed the South Tower in Manhattan on 9/11.

They are listed as “martyrs” and “heroes” with comments like “definitely, sons to be proud of”. The Ghamdi martyrs list are too many to include here. Even the parents of the Ghamdis who participated in killing 3000 Americans on 9/11, were proud of him. Countless Muslim websites describe them as “the lions of Manhattan. May Allah house them in paradise”.

Several operations that included the use of weapons of mass destruction were thwarted in the U.S. but Americans only focus on the ones that were successful.

An incredibly significant problem in America is the major media – all of it, right, left and center. None want to address the real issues of Islamic terrorism when it comes to the Saudi link. With Dawsari’s case, Imam Samer al-Tabaa of the Islamic Center of South Plains acted surprised as he stated to The Lubbock Avalanche Journal his first lie: “no one in the Saudi Community seemed to know Aldawsari.” This allowed him to feed into the circulating myth that Muslim terrorists are lone wolves and isolated Unabombers. “Dawsari is an alien to Islam … he is an enemy to humanity,” he said.

Yet, Aldawsari had friends: “my friends Rayif and A. Al-Ghamdi” he wrote in his journal. Yet, the irresponsible journalist from the Lubbock Avalanche Journal, Irie Price, failed to even ask Tabaa about Sheikh Mohamed El-Moctar El-Shinqiti, who ran the Islamic Center of South Plains before him, recruiting Muslims to join Hamas. Would Tabaa say that El-Shinqiti was a UnaJihadist, “alien to Islam” and an “enemy to humanity”?

So how can Americans stop Islamic terrorism?

This should be the million-dollar question. Yet, answering it will save us billions, even trillions.

The answer is so simple: stop the Muslim Minority Affairs program, stop the influx of immigration and student visas from countries where Islamism is flourishing, and start boycotting Saudi oil altogether.

That’s it.

So who is the main obstacle in solving the problem?

It’s all the Americans who fear the dreaded label of Islamophobia, a label invented by the terror supporters themselves.

Until Americans begin to change policies, the terrorists will be the victors and America is the loser. Isn’t this what the terrorists always say?

The longer America chooses not to fight, the more uphill the battle will be, to win.


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