Liberal Media: Hillary’s Ventriloquist Dummy acted alone

Last week, we wrote about Stephen Hayes’ revelations that State Department spokesman Victoria Nuland sent and received emails having to do with the altering of Benghazi talking points. These emails were sent / received on September 14th and perhaps the 15th, before UN Ambassador Susan Rice lied on five Sunday talk shows on the 16th.

It was explosive information before the May 8th hearing because as the top spokesman for the State Department at the time, Nuland was the spokesman for then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as well.

Today, two days after the Oversight Committee hearings at which three whistleblowers gave their testimony, a reporter with the very liberal ABC News – Jonathan Karl – has essentially run with information provided by Hayes and added to it, claiming that changes to the talking points were made TWELVE TIMES.

Via ABC News:

It didn’t take long for other liberal outlets to help Hillary. Within a few hours of Karl’s report airing on ABC, the POLITICO’s Dylan Byers published an article, quoting Karl as saying Hillary had nothing to do with the revisions.

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Today’s blockbuster ABC News report about White House and State Dept. involvement in revising the CIA’s Benghazi talking points has provided Republicans with new talking points in their effort to discredit former Sec. of State Hillary Clinton. But Jonathan Karl, the ABC News White House correspondent who landed the scoop, says not so fast.

The emails obtained by Karl show that State Dept. spokesman Victoria Nuland raised objections to a paragraph in the talking points mentioning threats from extremists linked to Al Qaeda. When a round of revisions did not satisfy her concerns, she wrote back: “These changes don’t resolve all of my issues or those of my building’s leadership.”

In that reference to the “building’s leadership,” some see a reference to Sec. Clinton. But Karl says that to date, no such evidence exists.

What Karl and Byers both seem to miss is that Victoria Nuland IS the evidence.

As a spokesman ventriloquist dummy for Hillary, Nuland cannot speak without a hand in her back.

Hillary’s hand.


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