Islamic Ritualistic Cannibalism CAUGHT ON FILM

By Theodore Shoebat

When reports came out exposing Islamically sanctioned cannibalism and crucifixions the naysayers refused to believe and began to discredit them. The latest example was when a recent photograph was released showing the grilling of a human head by Syrian FSA on a barbecue, the naysayers immediately put doubt saying that “There is no way of categorically verifying this image – with modern photographic technology, it could have been doctored as easily as it was apparently taken.”

And after they shed all the doubt, they then began to say that all these gruesome images are simply:

an attempt to influence international policy by putting questions in countries like Britain’s mind over whether they should be supporting such atrocities.

This regardless that the act of cooking the head of an enemy is deeply rooted in the Islamic religion; the most famous warrior in Sunni Islam’s history, Khalid ibn Walid, decapitated the head of a man named Malik ibn Nuwayrah before raping his wife, placed it under a cooking pot in which he cooked food and from which he then ate out of it. The Hadith for this recounts:

And he [Khalid] ordered they bring his [Malik’s] head and he placed it with two other rocks and he cooked on top of the three a pot, and Khalid ate from it that night in order to terrorize the renegade Arabs and others.

This story, is further substantiated by the Arab scholar Ibn Khallikan:

[T]he head was put in the place of one of the three stones which supported the flesh-pot. Malik, as we have said, surpassed most men by the abundance of his hair, which was so thick, that the meat was cooked in the pot before the fire had reached the skull. …Khalid seized on the wife of Malik,–or by another account he purchased her out of the booty, — and married her. (1)

We must then realize what we have been saying: the world, and even most Muslims have not seen the full face of Islam, yet; true Islam is more than just terrorism with bombs and guns, but a cultic system which supports human sacrifice and cannibalization of Allah’s enemies.

My father and I have been forewarning on this with our past articles on cannibalism and human sacrifice being promoted in Egypt, here and here.

Our predictions of cannibalism on the rise are becoming more and more true. First Al Azhar University decreed that it was permissible to cannibalize the enemies of Islam, then human sacrifice was being promoted by Safwat Hegazi, then a Syrian rebel grilled a man’s head, now we have actual footage, recently released, of a Syrian jihadist eating the heart of his enemy like the pagan Mayans.


What will the naysayers say now?

In the video, one Muslim colleague with a non-Syrian Lebanese dialect says to another regarding the man doing the ritual “As if the love of his prophet is in his heart”. As soon as what seems to be the heart or the liver of the slain Syrian soldier is viciously plucked out of the chest area, the one conducting the ritual says “I swear by Allah that we will eat the hearts and the livers of your soldiers, Bashar the dog”.

Then he says to the audience “Takbeer” (praise Him), and the crowd replies “Allahu Akbar” (Allah is Great)”.

He then continues “O heroes of Bab Amr, here we plucked out their hearts so we can now eat it!”

This is the Syrian revolution.

Any questions?

Theodore Shoebat
For God or For Tyranny

(1) Ibn Kallikan’s Biographical Dictionary, trans. B. Mac Gukin de Slane, pp. 649-650, brackets and ellipsis mine