PRWeb: Truth about Wahhabist connections of Obama family too Inflammatory; Promoting a Novel that smears Sarah Palin with Innuendo Just Fine

When we attempted to issue a press release through PRWeb about Walid’s bombshell report on President Obama’s familial connections to at least one aspect of the IRS Scandal in general, and Lois Lerner in particular, we were told more attribution was needed from third-party sources.

We re-submitted the press release with references to eleven third-party sources but were told by the PRWeb Rep none of the sources qualified as acceptable (Daily Caller, New York Post, U.K. Daily Mail, American Spectator, and others) but that the New York Times would be.

However, PRWeb seems to have no problem promoting a novel based on a premise that leads to an innuendo that Barack Obama and Sarah Palin met each other and became lovers in the 1980’s when both were in Hawaii.

Check out how that PRWeb release starts out:

Were Sarah Palin and Barack Obama lovers when they both lived in Honolulu in the early 1980s?

That is the explosive question posed by Howard Decker in his new ebook novel, “Palin and Obama – Lovers When We Met.”

“It is a historical fact,” Investigative Reporter and author Decker says, “that Sarah (Heath) Palin and Barack (Barry) Obama were in Honolulu, Hawaii at the exact same time, when Sarah was a young woman beginning her college career and Barack was a young college student.”

“Sarah went to college very near the neighborhood Barry lived in with his grandparents,” he said.

“There is no historical record that shows the two actually met at that time,” he said.

“But what if…?

Now when it came to any assertion of fact, PRWeb required us to use a third-party source. However, when it came to the assertion of fact that was a premise used in Decker’s “novel”, no third-party source was required, whether it’s true or not.

Along those lines, in an article by Laura Haynes Weisman at the Houston Chronicle, the author writes:

In the description for Palin & Obama, the author claims Palin and Obama were truly in Honolulu at the same time in the early 1980s when they were both college age. Let’s say that’s true. The rest most definitely is not.

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This book was obviously an attempt to plant seeds of doubt in people’s minds. Oh, the loyal leftists will scoff and say it’s harmless but Sarah Palin has been skewered unjustly for well over four years now and this piece of rubbish based on a foundation of innuendo was piling on by using a possible fact that was not cited.

Perhaps our mistake was in not identifying Walid’s report as a novel without any sources.


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