Mark Steyn (Rush Limbaugh guest host on June 3rd and 4th) has found our work on Malik Obama

It is now obvious that Mark Steyn – the man who will be guest-hosting for Rush Limbaugh on Monday, June 3rd and Tuesday, June 4th (from Noon – 2pm EST), has discovered our work on Malik Obama’s connections to the Islamic Da’wa Organization (IDO) and Omar al-Bashir. The call-in number to Rush Limbaugh’s radio show is 800-282-2882 (it’s hard to get through so call early and often). Email is [email protected]

Please email / call and encourage Steyn to talk about this gargantuan national security issue on-air. A key to getting to the bottom of this scandal is to get the likes of Lois Lerner to spill the beans about what she knows and who directed her to do what she did. If she is implicated as an accessory to terror funding, that just might do it.

Here is an excerpt from Steyn’s column, which was published at National Review Friday night, May 31st (emphasis ours):

a gentleman by the name of Malik Obama received impeccable, express service when he took the precaution of mailing in his non-profit application from N’giya, Kenya, rather than notoriously slower mail processing centers such as Phoenix and Dallas. Malik, the brother of President Obama, runs the Barack H. Obama Foundation, named for the president’s father. On May 30, 2011, they applied for tax-exempt status, and had their approval signed less than a month later by Lois Lerner herself, and conveniently backdated by Lois to cover the two-and-a-half years the enterprising Malik had already been raking in “tax-deductible” donations from Americans. The Washington address of the Barack H. Obama Foundation appears to be bogus, and it’s not clear whether the funds are being used back in Kenya for anything other than supporting the famously lavish lifestyle of Malik and his twelve wives. Given that the IRS is not shy about asking American conservatives for Facebook posts and lists of who attends their meetings, Ms. Lerner surely would have been within her rights to ask Malik Obama about the “exclusive” photographs currently displayed on the Barack H. Obama Foundation website of a recent meeting in Sudan, one of only four countries the U.S. government designates as a “terrorist state,” and the Foundation’s apparently extensive association with the Sudanese president and blood-soaked genocidal war criminal Omar al-Bashir. Given that the IRS likes to ask conservative taxpayers whether their friends and relatives are planning on running for office, Ms. Lerner might like to ask Malik Obama when his friend President Bashir is planning on leaving office. After another quarter million corpses?

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To contact Steyn, you can go here. Although, if your email bounces back – as ours did – send an email to the editors of National Review, which you can do by clicking here and sending an email to [email protected].


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