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Oversight Committee: Lois Lerner Waived her Fifth Amendment Rights (time to ask her about Malik Obama)

Today, the House Oversight Committee passed a resolution affirming that when IRS Tax-Exempt official Lois Lerner made nine assertions of fact back on May 22nd, she necessarily waived her fifth amendment rights, which she subsequently attempted to invoke. Here is a copy of the resolution that was ultimately passed along party lines. Via Oversight Committee: […]

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American Christian Attitude Towards Gays

By Walid Shoebat My Q and A with a hypothetical, homosexual apologist… Hypothetical homosexual apologist: A two-part question, if I might. If a homosexual accepts Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, would this person be forgiven? Assuming this person turned his / her life around and never engaged in homosexual behavior again, would he […]

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Jeb Bush to present Hillary Benghazi with Liberty Medal

RINO Jeb Bush may refer to conservatives who disagree with his support for amnesty as ‘chirpers’ but he will have nothing but kind things to say about Hillary Benghazi this fall in Philadelphia, when he presents the former Secretary of State with the Liberty Medal. According to The Hill, Jeb had the following to say […]

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More Jihad at Fort Hood; Obama sends troops to help Egypt’s Mursi

On November 5, 2009, a Jihadist inspired by the Muslim Brotherhood-inspired Anwar Al Awlaki murdered 14 and injured 32 on post at Fort Hood, TX. Today, 400 troops from Fort Hood are being sent to Egypt on a ‘peacekeeping mission’ and what can only be described as an effort to help Muslim Brotherhood president Mohammed […]

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Video: When Sheep attack

There is definitely a job shortage in America. There are plenty of openings for the position of Shepherd but very few applicants. So many want the authority without the responsibility that comes with the job. America is filled with feckless pastors, feckless politicians, and feckless journalists. Those charged with the responsibility to lead and protect […]

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