Archive | June 18, 2013

Heresy Leads To Tyranny

By Theodore Shoebat In our modern age, plunged into the Enlightenment falsehood of tolerance, we stare heresy in the face with apathy. Glenn Beck denies the Trinity, and this does not bother us because to our minds theology means nothing–opinions mean nothing. But is bad theology really that insignificant? Does heresy really effect us? When […]

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Are Jeb and Karl supporting Immigration Reform (Amnesty) to Protect George W. Bush’s Legacy?

If there’s a truism in politics, it’s that often the most aggressively pursued agendas are the ones that have the most perceived number of benefits to those pursuing them. In the case of the Republican Party establishment and immigration reform, the same most likely applies but for the purpose of this post, we’d like to […]

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We were Wrong about Glenn Beck

Walid Shoebat Dear Fredrick Murphy, I want to thank you for pointing out what I did not know about Glenn Beck and that he “publicly says he believes Jesus Christ is his savior”. Thank you also for clarifying that his non-belief in the Trinity is a non-issue and should not be exposed. You are right. […]

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