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Movie Review: ‘Man of Steel’ heavy on pro-Christian / anti-Islamic symbolism

Note: **Spoiler Alert**. The following analysis of the new Superman movie – Man of Steel – does not give away the ending but does reveal details about the film you may not want to know about if / until you see it. By Ben Barrack At the very core of the story of Superman exists […]

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Memo to John Kerry: Anthony Weiner says ‘willing to answer any’ of Grassley’s questions about Huma Abedin

This is a bit of an update to a story we posted the other day about Senator Charles Grassley’s letter to Secretary of State John Kerry, in which Grassley wants answers to questions Huma Abedin’s work as a “special government employee”. Anthony Weiner, who is running for Mayor of New York says there should be […]

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G8: Putin rips the West for supporting Cannibals in Syria; West… has… no… Coherent… Response

As the leaders of western nations remain mired in a toxic tank of groupthink that says Syria’s Bashar al-Assad must go and that if you disagree, you’re a heartless and ridiculous twit who doesn’t know anything, Russian President Vladimir Putin explained that it’s the rebels who are making Assad’s supporters heartless – by eating them […]

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Report: Sudan’s Hassan al-Turabi meets with Muslim Brotherhood leader in Doha, Qatar

Sudan’s Hassan al-Turabi is the guy credited with founding the Islamic Da’wa Organization (IDO) that Malik Obama works for as an Executive Secretary. Turabi was also very close with the masterminds of each World Trade Center attack (the “Blind Sheikh” and Osama bin Laden). It now appears Turabi is meeting with Muslim Brotherhood’s spiritual leader […]

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