Archive | June 23, 2013

Audio: Saudi National Injured in Boston Marathon bombing interviewed / supported by Huma Abedin Defender?

Some may remember that after the Boston marathon bombing, a Saudi National named Abdul Rahman Ali Al-Harbi, who had been hospitalized after the blast, was identified as a ‘suspect’, then a ‘person of interest’, and then as a witness / innocent bystander. Walid wrote extensively about the Al-Harbi clan in Saudi Arabia. Now, this Saudi […]

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Benghazi just got closer to Hillary Clinton

Back on October 10, 2012, State Department Under Secretary Patrick Kennedy testified in front of the House Oversight Committee about the attacks in Benghazi one month earlier, on 9/11/12. Now an internal memo from 2011 that shows Kennedy signed off on the staffing levels at the Special Mission Compound (SMC) where Ambassador Christopher Stevens was […]

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