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Video: Is Huma Abedin the “Scariest Person in America”?

Found this clip of the Glazov Gang. At the 9:00 mark, the discussion turns toward Huma Abedin, a woman who seeks to become the first lady of New York City. The New York Times even refers to her as the driving force behind Anthony Weiner’s run for Mayor there. Bill Whittle has some excellent insights. […]

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Argument for No-Bid Contracts?

The Israeli military is angry with the U.S. Government again (can you blame ’em?). This time it has to do with the Obama administration’s decision to publish all of the finer details of a missile defense system. Via McClatchy: Israel’s military fumed Monday over the discovery that the U.S. government had revealed details of a […]

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Video: Someone needs to drop the Malik Obama ‘Uber-Scandal’ on this Arrogant Congressman’s Desk

Today, at a House Ways and Means Committee Hearing about the transgressions of the IRS, individuals who were with conservative and Tea Party groups that suffered at the hands of the IRS, gave their testimony. One of the witnesses – Becky Gerritson, founder of a Tea Party in Alabama – actually got choked up and […]

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Barack Obama’s Blue Dress?

When it comes to scandals that reach into the Oval Office, two things are needed to actually implicate the President himself. In no particular order, one has to be someone close enough to the decision-making to spill the beans. The other has to do with tangible evidence that ties the president to the scandal. The […]

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Audio: Rush Limbaugh Guest Host Mark Steyn talks about Malik Obama / IRS / Lois Lerner Uber-Scandal

Mark Steyn was the guest host on the Rush Limbaugh show today and led off the second hour of the program by devoting nearly the entire first segment to the Uber-Scandal involving Malik Obama, the IRS, Lois Lerner, and Omar al-Bashir. Steyn brought it up a couple more times during the show (all included below). […]

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