Archive | June 22, 2013

Video: Atheist Comedian Bill Maher says ‘Conservative’ Islam is the problem, not Muslims

Liberals are indeed enigmas. During an interview with Saudi Arabian filmmaker Haifaa al Mansour, Bill Maher slams liberals for not understanding that the ideology of Islam is the problem, not the Muslim people who follow it. Perhaps truer words have never been spoken but as Maher was nailing the truth from one side of his […]

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Bill O’Reilly denies ‘Colluding’ with Gang of 8 Republicans on Immigration, then behaves as if he did

By Ben Barrack The charge was first alleged earlier this week in an article by Ryan Lizza in the New Yorker. In essence, Lizza claims that gang of 8 Republicans in the Immigration debate (he names Rubio and McCain specifically) have lobbied Fox News hosts to garner support for the Immigration Reform (Amnesty) bill. Here […]

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Saudi Prisoner update: Colorado Dept. of Corrections official was on a Hit List

It looks like we have an update to this story about Saudi National Homaidan al-Turki, who was convicted in 2006 on charges related to enslaving an Indonesian minor and repeatedly molesting her. A little more than one week after al-Turki was denied a request to serve out the remainder of his sentence in Saudi Arabia, […]

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