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The BEST CASE against the IRS

As people scramble to find cases of IRS abuse, the likes of Rep. Jim McDimwit (D-WA) says that everyone who applies for tax-exempt status deserves to be investigated. Why then, isn’t the best case against the IRS a very real one that involves terror funding? When Malik Obama’s Foundation was awarded a 501(c)(3) status and […]

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American Spectator’s Jeffrey Lord picks up on George Clooney angle to IRS Uber-Scandal

Last month, after discovering the relationship between President Obama’s half-brother, Malik Obama, and Omar al-Bashir, the genocidal dictator of Sudan, we wondered where George Clooney was. Clooney, whose cause celebre outside of Hollywood is working to stop Bashir from killing innocent Sudanese children, is also a Barack Obama sycophant. It’s mind-blowing hypocrisy. Now the American […]

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Muslims Well Funded And Strategic In Persecuting Christians

From International Christian Concern 6/4/2013 Washington, D.C. (International Christian Concern) – Tanzania has seen a dramatic escalation in Christian persecution over the past seven months. Much of the violence has originated from the small island of Zanzibar, located off of Tanzania’s east coast. With a population that is almost 99 percent Muslim, Christians are a […]

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Pastor Thrown Into Prison In Kazakhstan

I implore everyone to contact the Kazakhstan embassy and pressure them to release this pastor from prison. The embassy contact page can be found here: From Worthy News STANA, KAZAKHSTAN (Worthy News)– A pastor in Kazakhstan was arrested last month for allegedly serving hallucinogens to his congregation while wielding a powerful psychological influence over […]

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Systematic Persecution Being Done In Syria

From WND: …Syrian Christian refugees told Janssen they had been attacked by the rebels fighting in Syria, where Christians had been allowed to worship and live under Assad’s regime. The report comes after Republican Sen. John McCain’s recent trip to Syria, where he was photographed with two men who, according to Beirut news reports, were […]

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