Barack Obama’s Blue Dress?

When it comes to scandals that reach into the Oval Office, two things are needed to actually implicate the President himself. In no particular order, one has to be someone close enough to the decision-making to spill the beans. The other has to do with tangible evidence that ties the president to the scandal.

The American Spectator’s Jeffrey Lord appeared on the Lynn Woolley Show on June 3rd and discussed the Uber-Scandal involving Malik Obama, the IRS, Lois Lerner and Sudan’s genocidal president Omar al-Bashir. During the interview, Lord made reference to James McCord, the guy who decided to spill the beans over Watergate after being convicted on charges related to the burglary.

McCord came to a point in his life when he realized the price wasn’t worth the cost. Loyalty wasn’t worth a disgraced legacy.

So he talked.

McCord’s spilling of the proverbial beans wasn’t the only thing that implicated Nixon. It was the Nixon tapes. These tapes provided irrefutable evidence that Nixon was involved. The tapes were as close to DNA evidence as you could get without having DNA evidence. When coupled with McCord’s bean-spilling, Nixon’s administration was finished.

Subsequent administrations learned a very important lesson. When loyal subjects are asked to fall on the sword by residing behind bars, masochism is usually in short supply.

Nixon resigned to avoid impeachment and a Senate conviction.

Speaking of DNA, let’s fast forward to 1998. Democratic President Bill Clinton was impeached by the House of Representatives for committing perjury. An uber-partisan Democratic Party prevented Clinton from being convicted by the Senate. Suddenly, the President who lied under oath wasn’t the villain. Kenneth Starr – the guy charged with prosecuting him – was.

Politicians thrive on plausible deniability but even Bill Clinton – a man who thrived on such tactics – couldn’t explain away his own DNA on a blue dress.

Let’s fast forward to 2013.

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The signature of senior IRS official Lois Lerner sits at the bottom of a letter addressed to the Barack H. Obama Foundation (BHOF) in general, Malik Obama in particular. The letter – dated June 26, 2011 – not only granted the BHOF tax-exempt status in record time but did so retroactively to April 30, 2008.

In back-dating the tax-exempt status of Malik’s organization more than 27 months, Lerner committed a crime – a serious one.

However, she didn’t just commit a bureaucratic snafu. Lois didn’t just cross a line of legality by back-dating Malik’s tax-exempt status to a point in time that violated the law. You see, the issue for Lois involves the matter of whom she granted that status to.

It’s not just that. None of this would likely be known if Malik hadn’t posted the document signed by Lerner, to his own website. While administrations post-Nixon learned to never leave a trail, the Obama administration appears to have failed to consider a contingency plan for relatives who were willing to do so.

When Malik posted the one-page document signed by Lerner that granted his foundation 501(c)(3) status, he implicated her and his brother’s administration in the commission of offenses never before committed by any president prior.

McCord went to jail for his role in two-bit burglary. Lois Lerner’s signature is at the bottom of a document that implicates her as an accessory to terror funding of a terror state. Lerner’s actions make McCord’s look like jaywalking on a country road in west Texas.

The irony is the name of the foundation that received such treatment – Barack H. Obama Foundation.

Perhaps that’s why she’s been suspended “with pay”. Make no mistake; Every administration after Nixon learned the McCord lesson.

Underlings will only fall on the sword with conditions. Even loyal servants of corrupt masters have limits.

We now know that Malik is in bed with a government – Sudan – that has been identified by the U.S. State Department as a State Sponsor of Terrorism and that President Omar al-Bashir is a genocidal maniac; Malik works with him.

With Nixon, it was the tapes. With Clinton, it was his own DNA. With Obama, will it be a letter that implicates his own flesh and blood?


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