American Spectator’s Jeffrey Lord picks up on George Clooney angle to IRS Uber-Scandal

Last month, after discovering the relationship between President Obama’s half-brother, Malik Obama, and Omar al-Bashir, the genocidal dictator of Sudan, we wondered where George Clooney was. Clooney, whose cause celebre outside of Hollywood is working to stop Bashir from killing innocent Sudanese children, is also a Barack Obama sycophant.

It’s mind-blowing hypocrisy.

Now the American Spectator’s Jeffrey Lord picks up on it:

George Clooney is caught in The Perfect Storm.

On the one hand, he believes the government of Sudan led by President Omar al-Bashir is a government of “war criminals.”

Then again, he so admires President Obama that he threw the president a star-studded Hollywood fundraiser in his own home that raised fifteen million for the Obama campaign. Then teamed up with the President for a game of basketball the next morning.

On the other hand, he thinks President Bashir of the Sudan is guilty of a “crime against humanity.”

But on the other hand, when President Obama’s brother Malik Obama gets an IRS approval from Lois Lerner in 28 days to set up the Barack H. Obama tax exempt foundation — and Malik Obama is your basic stooge for the aforementioned, Clooney-described “war criminal” who is committing “crimes against humanity,” well…um…ah…gee.

George Clooney is sort of Up in the Air. Apparently dealing with the Mr. Freeze of human rights is not quite like slugging it out with Arnold on a Batman movie set.

You just gotta read it all.

Believe it or not, there’s a subtext to this new angle that involves that viral video from last year – KONY 2012. Do you remember how all of the Hollywood celebrities got behind the effort to remove Joseph Kony for the atrocities he committed in South Sudan / Northern Uganda?

Well, Omar al-Bashir is the guy behind Kony.

Oh, in case you’re wondering if there are any clues in Lord’s article that might provide a hint or two about what the new development is in the uber-scandal, the answer is yes.

Here’s another one.


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