The BEST CASE against the IRS

As people scramble to find cases of IRS abuse, the likes of Rep. Jim McDimwit (D-WA) says that everyone who applies for tax-exempt status deserves to be investigated. Why then, isn’t the best case against the IRS a very real one that involves terror funding? When Malik Obama’s Foundation was awarded a 501(c)(3) status and is himself involved with world leading terrorists, shouldn’t this be a main focal point in combating IRS abuse?

This isn’t about President Obama owning the sins of his brother Malik Obama; it’s about the IRS including president Obama in knowing about such abuses when they involve potential threats to national security.

Lois Lerner from the IRS should be investigated for complicity in facilitating the Barack H. Obama Foundation’s (BHOF) tax-exempt status as she is also a likely accessory to terror funding. Malik’s Foundation getting favorable treatment from Lois Lerner isn’t just about favoritism; it’s also about potentially funding a genocidal terrorist regime, especially when Malik’s BHOF’s tax-exempt status was made retroactive to 38 months prior which is, in itself illegal. BHOF was given this special treatment by Lois Lerner herself.

In addition, Obama has close ties with Malik; they were best man at each other’s weddings and Malik visited him several times at the White House.

Malik Obama filed as he is a U.S. resident, a holder of a U.S. green card. His 501(c)(3) status involved donations that went to Omar Al-Bashir’s network, one of the most wanted genocidal criminals in the world and the IRS knew this, yet they illegally granted him a non-profit status. This evidence was proudly displayed right on the BHOF’s website, which also displayed the contents of meetings, conferences, photos, et. al. proving that Malik Obama was in bed with terrorists. It was covered on major News Media throughout the entire Middle East from Sudan to Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and even the Arabic version of CNN. [1]

All the IRS had to do was access the BHOF website to see the incriminating evidence, it should have done so, especially when he was operating illegally.

The evidence of Malik Obama being the Executive Secretary and Special Advisor for the Sudanese government, which established his Kenyan Islamic Da’wa branch is ironclad. This is no small issue; The International Criminal Court (ICC) which puts the headquarters for the Islamic Da’wa Organization (IDO) in Sudan where Malik traveled and partnered with Al-Bashir – has identified Al-Bashir as a genocidal criminal wanted on 7 counts for his killing orgies in Darfur.

Moreover, it is not that easy to get on “State Sponsors of Terror” list; there are only four states in the world that qualify and Sudan is one of them.

It is crucial to understand how Sudan made the list; it was Sudan that begat the Popular Arab and Islamic Conference, an organization that had a very close working relationship with the whole litany of the top terrorist organizations in the world; Hamas terrorist organization, Egyptian Islamic Jihad, Algerian Islamic Jihad, Hezbollah, Al-Qaeda and even Iranian terrorists. It is these affiliations that begat the United States’ decision to list Sudan as a “state sponsor of terrorism” in August 1993, following the first World Trade Center bombing in February. It was a third of the suspects (five of fifteen) in that bombing were Sudanese citizens, according to Department of State Publication 10136.

Malik Obama’s role in the Islamic Da’wa Organization’s mission is to produce madrassas, about which even Colin Powell – when he was Secretary of State – testified in 2004, before the House Appropriations Committee. Powell said that madrassas were the breeding grounds for “fundamentalists and terrorists…”

So when we all watch terrorist mutants like Michael Adebolago, who sacrificed Lee Rigby as a pleasing sacrifice to his god, this is all a result of such madrassas that are erected throughout Africa including Kenya, where Adebolago was recruited in a madrassa in Mombasa, Kenya.

Malik’s immediate boss is none other than Suar Al Dhahab.

Malik Obama with Suar Al Dahab at the 2010 IDO Conference

Malik Obama with Suar Al Dahab at the 2010 IDO Conference

Just last month, Dahab went to bed with Khalid Mash’al of Hamas during a terror-speaking orgy, calling for Hamas to continue its Jihad by recruiting terrorists hoping to conceive more of these mutants and zombies that roam the streets looking for more sacrificial blood.

With all this, how could it (or even should it) be that president Barack Obama and the IRS knew nothing about what Malik Obama was up to?

During Rep. McDimwitt’s interview on the Fox News Channel, host Megyn Kelly pressed the Congressman over his insistence that Tea Party groups should be investigated until he indignantly demanded that she “Stop it!”

With all due respect, Rep. McDimwitt, it is YOU who should “Stop it” and demand an investigation of the BHOF.

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Al-Watan, which CNN references:

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Links showing the Barack H. Obama Foundation’s connection to the World Association of Muslim Youth (WAMY):عبد-الملك-أوباما-شقيق-الرئيس-الأمريكي-يزو-الندوة-العالمية-للشباب-الإسلامي

Sudan media

An article about Malik Obama’s plan to build a $2 Million madrassa in Sudan. Under the title, “Obama’s family calls to thwart Christian missionaries”

Egyptian media

On every news item regarding Malik’s non-profit work, it is only involving attending events in his capacity as executive secretary for Islamic Da’wa Organization. Such events with Malik are very well advertised in the Arabic media. They are all in the following areas:

A—Attended an event combating the spread of Christian evangelism [1] B—Attended an event regarding orphans in Yemen [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] Meeting with Ali Abdullah Saleh, the Prime Minister of Yemen requesting Malik
to influence his brother Barack Obama to support the Palestinian cause [1] C—Attending an event for the Islamic Da’wa Organization in Sudan [1] [2] D—Attended the General Conference of the Islamic Council of South Sudan [1] E—Attending an event for the World Assembly for Muslim Youth (WAMY) [1] [2] [3][4] This involves BHOF future cooperation with WAMY.


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